Vietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with LidVietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with LidVietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with LidVietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with LidVietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with LidVietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with LidVietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with LidVietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with LidVietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with LidVietnamese Colorful  Lacquered Service Tray with Lid

This Vietnamese colorful lacquered service tray is hand-carved into four sections and comes with a nicely shaped and secure lid and topped with a perfectly shaped finial of a jewel-shaped knob or finial called 'giboshi' in Japanese. I do not know the Vietnamese word for it nor any of the Vietnamese language.

Vietnamese lacquerware may not be as well recognized as Japanese lacquerware, but it is just as beautiful with its own uniqueness. One of the significant differences in is in the making including materials and coloring. Instead of mother of pearl they often use eggshell which is very delicate, most often Duck eggshell because it is stronger. According to the blog mentioned, 'Duck eggshell is specially applied in Vietnamese lacquerware and it is the shell of the ducks already hatched because of its thickness and whiteness'. The eggshell will be stick onto the lacquerware following the ready-made design then filled with ten layers of lacquer and rubbed in water'.

Additionally, the 'Vietnamese lacquerware artist will paint directly on the ready – treated wood by using the mineral pigments mixing with lacquer. Like the two other kinds of Vietnamese lacquerware, painted lacquerware will be filled with many layers of lacquer and rubbed in water until it becomes totally smooth'. Lacquerware-polishing is the final stage. The Vietnamese artists use many different colors whereas the Japanese artist tends to stick to gold maki-e sometimes with another color or two. In the case of this piece, the gold is shaded in pink and some green. It appears that shell instead of mother of pearl was used on the border just inside the outer most one, serving as a pseudo-. button for the delicate hand carved and looped gold border which has the appearance of delicately gold painted hand carved wood. The rest of the lid is decorated in traditional Asian decorative motif. The bottom section is all black.

This serving tray is old and was made about 50- years ago dating to just past the mid-20th-century probably between the 1960's and 1970's. It is in very good condition. It has very few minor scuff marks and no cracks or chips.

SIZE: Diameter 12 inches or 30.48 cm, Height 2 7/8 inches or 7.30 cm. Weight 3.02 lbs.

About Vietnamese Lacquerware

Below are some excerpts from an article found on the site of Vietnamese lacquerware company named Phuomb Nam who makes Vietnamese lacquerware. However, we do not know the maker of this piece because it is not marked but the workmanship is very similar and a very nice box of lacquerware. We have added the link to the complete article including how to care for your lacquerware under our 'Favorite' links on our homepage.

The making of Vietnamese lacquerware was handed down through generations as a ‘family secret’ until the first half of the 20th century. when it became very popular as an occupation due to advances in the field, while the artists who were learning the Indochina Fine Arts school of Hanoi made this a very popular occupation not only in Vietnam but also all over the world. From 1010 until 1802, it was the most important art and in Huế, the imperial capital of Vietnam during the Nguyễn Dynasty of 1802–1945.

Many generations of lacquer artists have gradually enhanced the quality of Vietnamese lacquerware in the last seventy years; discovering new materials to add to the palette of colored lacquers and the method of mixing various colors.

Vietnamese lacquer art is an extremely time – consuming, labor - intensive work much like Japanese lacquer ware, Vietnamese lacquerware is the hard work of many people: Lacquer artists, lacquer painters, and many workers who shed their sweat to the fullest spending over 100 days through 20 stages to create the Vietnamese lacquerware. As a result, every Vietnamese lacquerware bears the feelings of its creator: flexibility, complexity and variety. The lacquerware seems to carry something now appears now disappears passionately, ardently and magically. Many artists always say that the first time they really saw the lacquer, it was its blackness that impressed them. It is the black of the universe holding all things and having incredible depth to it.

Also, see the rest of the Phuomb Nam site for proper care of lacquerware. Again, the link to this site is found under our 'Favorites' links on our Homepage.

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Vietnamese Colorful Lacquered Service Tray with Lid

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