Fine Celadon Porcelain China Koi in Pond Platters Two, EachFine Celadon Porcelain China Koi in Pond Platters Two, EachFine Celadon Porcelain China Koi in Pond Platters Two, Each

Fine celadon porcelain china koi in pond dining and sushi sets can be found in the two other posts from today. These are extra serving platters.

These two platters are available individually and would make great serving platters for either of these two sets posted today. These were made in Vietnam 'under agreement with' Japan and as export ware that was actually sent to Japan. These pieces were probably made between the 1970-1980's, as they began exporting celadon in the 1980s. These were made in Bat Trang, Vietnam, according to my friend who is from and lives in Vietnam. There is a place called 'Bat Thang Pottery Village' there., it is a place of production near Hanoi city in Bat Trang.

This post is for the two additional large serving platters that were extras in this collection and can be purchased in addition to these sets. The sets were probably exported to Japan for a restaurant or resort. A restaurant comes to mind as these are some of the heaviest pieces of china I have ever picked up. The stylized koi in a pond is a modernized version of the very old historical one dating back to the 1600s, so it is also a very popular one on Vietnam's 'blue celadon'.

The shape is very nice and fancy, yet sturdy like stoneware. They are all under glaze hand painted in an unusual shade of blue. While the Vietnamese blue celadon ceramics have a very distinct look, all of these pieces also have a definite feel of Japan in the stylized koi and ponds. The celadon glaze is gorgeous, depending on the lighting one may see different shades of blue or a celadon. The china was made most likely using a mold, but as one can see by the differences in the pieces and as mentioned, they are all hand painted.

The soup tureen in the other set is marked on the bottom, so we do not know the name of the maker. It is marked simply, 'aro'. on the bottom of the soup tureen. According to my friend in Vietnam, 'aro' means 'After Receipt of Order' and placed on was placed on their export ware,

They are in are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks seen as we unwrapped and wrapped and took the pictures.

Size Length 12 inches and Width 9 inches

This lovely china and related sets belongs to a family for whom we have contracted to sell their collection. Proceeds will go in part to support the medical care of a family member.

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Fine Celadon Porcelain China Koi in Pond Platters Two, Each

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