Chinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain VaseChinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain VaseChinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain VaseChinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain VaseChinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain VaseChinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain VaseChinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain VaseChinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain VaseChinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain VaseChinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain Vase

This Chinese vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 porcelain vase in our opinion dates to the turn of the century or early 20th century. It has always been our goal to share as much beauty of different Japanese wares, and every once in a white we like to sneak Chinese pieces in where they seem to fit well, and this is just one of those places. The Cizhou kiln has a long and now very large history, this type a stoneware or high fired porcelain. The black and cream vases like this with great contrast are some of my favorites, and they are made by two different ways, on a slip form; they are first handmade. Then, either using a wax resist method or a carve-out method, the raised black pieces create the floral decoration under the glaze. This vase appears to have been made by the latter. This baluster vase has nice tall shoulders with a wide spread mouth and finger hook handles on the shoulders. Cizhou kilns have been around since the Song Dynasty, see more below from a few of our favorite sites. As mentioned its age was determined and by its surface wear, but it cleaned up very nicely. Other than the surface wear in spots, this In excellent condition, no cracks or chips. Please see the pictures and ask any questions. We are non-house smokers and do not smoke around our wares and our very careful with them to have clean hands and in the packing. It is a large and very heavy vase:

Size: Height 11.2 inches or 28.44 cm, Diameter at widest 5.8 inches or 13.97 cm, Weight 3 kg or 6.61 lbs

From Gotheborg’s website

Cizhou 磁州窯

Heavily potted Chinese stoneware produced from the Song dynasty 960-1279 onward. Cizhou wares are characterized by black painted decoration on usually coarse buff or grayish white body, thick and heavy bodies with relatively coarse surfaces covered with a white slip or a clear glaze. The decoration could be painted, incised or cut through the glaze, alone or in combination highlighted in black, white, green, or brown on a monochrome ground. Cizhou wares was produced mainly in northern China north of the Yellow River in present Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong and Ganshu provinces during the Song dynasty. The center has kilns in Cixian and Pengcheng in southern Hebei, which flourished and spread during the Song-Jin period and the Ming dynasty. Later on the production continued even in the far south and has never actually ceased. Cizhou Ware was produced for daily use and the shapes met with are therefore mostly jars, basins, pots, bowls, pillows and other domestic utensils.

From Wiki

Cizhou ware or Tz'u-chou ware 磁州窯; is a term for a wide range of Chinese ceramics from between the late Tang dynasty and the early Ming dynasty but especially associated with the Northern Song to Yuan period in the 11–14th century. It has been increasingly realized that a very large number of sites in northern China produced these wares, and their decoration is very variable, but most characteristically uses black and white, in a variety of techniques. For this reason Cizhou-type is often preferred as a general term. All are stoneware in Western terms, and high-fired or porcelain in Chinese terms. They were less high-status than other types such as celadons and Jun ware, and are regarded as ‘popular’, though many are finely and carefully decorated.

Alone among major types of Song ceramics their effect largely depends on decoration in contrasting colours, usually in black on white, but sometimes polychrome. At this time, unlike later periods, ceramics for the court were relentlessly monochrome, It was named for Cizhou, a prefecture now called Ci County in Handan in southern Hebei, one of the main centres of production. Most Cizhou ware uses a transparent glaze applied on a white slipped-body, with further decoration chosen from a wide variety of techniques

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Chinese Vintage Cizhou Kiln 磁州窯 Porcelain Vase

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