Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku 瓔珞Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku 瓔珞Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku 瓔珞Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku 瓔珞Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku 瓔珞Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku 瓔珞Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku 瓔珞Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku 瓔珞

These Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku are used in the temple as decorations, and historically also as an adornment made and worn by the statues or goddesses. Please see more below. They are hand carved by a wood specialist about 30-40 years ago, then hand lacquered by a painting or lacquer specialist in Japan. They come in many different combinations of shapes and tops, I really like these. They are meant to be hung side by side, but they can also be attached together and hung as one. These are nice ones. Some of the shapes look like hearts. They both have nice tops and the ends are flowers. Youraku are used in the temple or small alter space alike. They are also fun as other decorative items both inside and outside! They do come in what I assume is the original box although it is not wood nor is it a tomobako.

They are In excellent condition, no cracks or chips. Please see the pictures and ask any questions. We are non-house smokers and do not smoke around our wares and our very careful with them to have clean hands and in the packing. We have noticed smells from items received recently, again please let us know if you have any questions. This one has no smells, this is from a well- known and honest, quality antiques dealer's piece. Please visit our store of over 700 Japanese items, porcelain, pottery, ceramics,netsuke, statues or okimono, metalware, lacquerware and more!

SIZE Each: Length 8.97 inches or 23cm, Width 3.12 inches or 8 cm

From Jaanus, the Japanese Architecture and Art History termnology:

Youraku 瓔珞

Also called yodarekake よだれ掛け. A molded decoration hanging from the edges of a Buddhist canopy tengai 天蓋, the eaves of a Buddhist hall butsudou 仏堂, and the barge and rafter tips of early western-style buildings in Japan,. Youraku are often made of wood and decorated with a series of flower and jewel motif.

Youraku is probably better known as a string of beads or lace-work used to decorate Buddhist statues and objects. Often found on Bodhisattva or,bosatsu 菩薩 figures, and thought to be derived from ornaments worn by Indian nobility. Usually made with jewels and precious metals on string or wire, and placed around the neck of a statue, fixed to garments on the chest, or hung from the or,kyoushoku 胸飾 chest ornament. Youraku sometimes hung from the waist down the skirt mo 裳, or over the knees of seated figures. They were also hung from the crown or,houkan 宝冠, canopy or,tengai 天蓋, or over the pedestal or,daiza 台座. On wooden figures youraku were sometimes carved from the same block of wood as the main figure, and they were modelled in lacquer on dry lacquer figures or,kanshitsu 乾漆. Original metal and jeweled ornaments on many ancient statues were lost and thus replacements were made in the Edo period 17-19c. Youraku made from the same material as the main statue were less prone to loss than attached decorations. Examples include the 7c bronze Shou Kannon 聖観音 in Yakushiji 薬師寺, Nara, and the 8c dry lacquer or,Fukuukenjaku Kannon 不空羂索観音 in Toudaiji 東大寺, Nara, which both have youraku on the chest and hanging down the skirt.

information from the Onmark Buddhist Statuary website

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Japanese Vintage Lacquered Wood Hanging Youraku 瓔珞

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