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Japanese Antique Imari Porcelain Set of Kinrande Gold Gilt Kozara Side PlatesJapanese Antique Imari Porcelain Set of Kinrande Gold Gilt Kozara Side PlatesJapanese Antique Imari Porcelain Set of Kinrande Gold Gilt Kozara Side PlatesJapanese Antique Imari Porcelain Set of Kinrande Gold Gilt Kozara Side PlatesJapanese Antique Imari Porcelain Set of Kinrande Gold Gilt Kozara Side Plates

This Japanese antique Imari porcelain set of kinrande are very finely made highly decorated top quality side plates and date to the 19th century. I decided kinrande was a better fit for this design, although some- nishiki in its generic sense would fit. I think there is a tendency to use kinrande with red and gold pieces. Kinrande was designed especially to suit the European taste. At its earliest years 'Kinrande' took after ol Kakiemon, but means in general 'with busier patterns and is often divided into sections colored in various colors like red, yellow, green and purple and highlighted in gold'. With the gold, it could also be called Nishiki-de. Most likely these are pre- Meiji period late Edo made for the Daimyo. They are too fine. In addition to being well made by hand. they are hand painted in great detail in overglaze emanels in a style that resembles high-class kimono material which was often used to copy after for porcelains. Around the central square patterns, a red border with lots of gold shows the 'kiri' pattern painted in red surrounded by gold and more brocade, the other sides also resemble that called 'zakuro" design. The bottom rims are also very colorfully decorated on these in a scrolling arabesque patterns of foliage with leaves called karakusa, and the sides flare up. Kozara means the size in this case small side plates. They are in excellent condition with no cracks or chips. These are very high-class high-quality Imari porcelain plates. Please inquire for more pictures until we have added them.

SIZE: Diameter 4.7 inches or 11.96 cm, Height 1 inch or 2.54 cm

Please see the pictures and ask any questions. We are non-house smokers and do not smoke around our wares and our very careful with them to have clean hands and in the packing. We have noticed smells from items received recently, again please let us know if you have any questions. This one has no smells, this is from a well- known and honest, quality antiques dealer's piece.

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Imari porcelain

Hizen is a name of the province in the Edo period which included present-day Saga and Nagasaki prefectures. Imari porcelain 伊万里焼 is the name for Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Arita, in the former Hizen Province, northwestern Kyūshū. They were exported to Europe extensively from the port of Imari, Saga, between the second half of the 17th century and the first half of the 18th century. The Japanese as well as Europeans called them Imari. In Japanese, these porcelains are also known as Arita-yaki 有田焼. Imari was the trans-shipment port for Arita wares. There are many styles including Nabeshima and Kakiemon. It was the kilns at Arita which formed the heart of the Japanese porcelain industry. Though sophisticated wares in authentic Japanese styles were being made at Arita for the fastidious home market, European–style designations of Arita porcelain were formed after blue and white kraak porcelains, imitating Chinese underglaze blue-and-white wares, or made use of enamel colors over underglazes of cobalt blue and iron red. The ware often used copious gilding, sometimes with spare isolated sprigged vignettes, but often densely patterned in compartments.

Imari or Arita porcelain has been continually produced up through the present day.

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Japanese Antique Imari Porcelain Set of Kinrande Gold Gilt Kozara Side Plates


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