Flicker photo of a "starlet"Flicker photo of a "starlet"Flicker photo of a "starlet"Flicker photo of a "starlet"Flicker photo of a "starlet"Flicker photo of a "starlet"Flicker photo of a "starlet"Flicker photo of a "starlet"

Flicker Black and White photo of " 50's starlet" in plastic frame. Just like Mona Lisa, but with PIZZAZZ, this "starlet" has a flicker decollette that reveals her breasts. At the same time, her eyes open and close. Is it vintage porn? I'm not sure. ANDDDD....I've never opened the frame. The custom easel is a black metal and is almost as beautiful as she is. The easel was custom made for her by one of the best easel makers in L.A. The plastic frame measures 5x7 inches. The picture is 6x4 inches. The edge is 1/2 inch. The easel is 3 inches at the base 8 inches tall and 6 inches across (the frame holder bar)


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Flicker photo of a "starlet"


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