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For collectors, spaniels with flower baskets have always been the holy grail. In “A-Z of Staffordshire Dogs,” the author, Clive Mason Pope, writes that “their added charm makes them very desirable to collectors, entitling all of them to be considered ‘rare’ in today’s marketplace.” Pope has a photo of this particular type of spaniel on page 103, figure 55. He dated it to 1850.

There were several sizes that the Staffordshire potteries produced for this type. This is one of the largest of its kind. It has been beautifully feather painted and has a fabulous yellow flower basket.

This figure is in excellent antique condition, except for various minor faults, especially considering its age of some 180 years. The paint is well preserved beneath the thick blue glaze. On the edge of the rear foot there is a bit of missing paint and glaze, and the pottery is rough there. Because this fault is almost entirely under the rear foot, it is not easily seen. There is a small bit of paint and glaze missing on top of the right ear in several spots. There also is a small bit of paint and glaze loss on the top of the basket. These are old faults that have darkened over the years, blending in with the rest of the pottery. On the nose, a tiny bit of pink paint is missing beneath the glaze. There are additional tiny places where the paint or glass has gone missing. The colors of the dog are still vibrant, including the yellow of the basket and the blue and purple flowers with their green leaves. The painting on the eyes, eyebrows and muzzle with whiskers was finely done and in good condition.

This rare and most charming fellow measures 8-¾ inches tall and 5-5/8 inches wide at the bottom.


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19th Century Victorian Staffordshire Spaniel with Flower Basket


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