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Black Memorabilia and Other Potentially Offensive Materials

Dear Ruby Lane Visitor,  
Ruby Lane has always been a proponent of doing the right thing. Since the start and over the past 22 years we have utilized various policies for items that are considered offensive or racist.
For many years we have CONTINUALLY monitored our site for ivory, endangered species, Nazi, KKK, firearms, and other controversial items.
On June 12, 2020, we sent the note below regarding BLACK MEMORABILIA to our shop owners.
Removal of these items is an ongoing process and we appreciate your patience while we remedy the situation.
Thank you,
Ruby Lane 

Black Memorabilia and Other Potentially Offensive Materials

Dear Shop Owner,

Over time, some items have been disallowed from being listed on Ruby Lane even if it may be legal to sell them. This includes guns, ammunition and items owned or associated with the KKK and Nazism. Ruby Lane has always retained the right to decide whether items are appropriate for display.

The sale of Black Memorabilia has always been controversial and we have had to strike a delicate balance between varying points of view in regard to issues of this nature, but Ruby Lane recognizes that it's time for significant change.

Racism comes in forms that some sellers might be unaware of, thinking that it's a harmless piece of history. However, there is no such thing as harmless racism or discrimination, and history has proven that time and time again.

Effective immediately, Ruby Lane will begin either removing or moving items to backrooms that can be considered racist or disparaging to race, gender, sexuality, or religion. Note that this represents less than .1% of our seller's inventory.

The following items are no longer allowed to be offered on Ruby Lane:

  • Black Memorabilia - The Antiques & Collectibles > Historical, Memorabilia > Black Memorabilia category (and all subcategories) have been removed. Items that were listed in those categories have been moved to the shop's backroom and are no longer allowed to be offered for sale. We are also removing or moving similar items found in other categories to shop backrooms.
  • Golliwog and Mammy Items
  • Confederate Flags

We understand that some shop owners may find themselves left with items that cannot be sold on most online sales venues. One possible solution to consider is donating the items to a suitable museum.

Please remember, if an item may be considered offensive or racist, then it cannot be listed on Ruby Lane.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this socially important and beneficial initiative.

Your Ruby Lane Team

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