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Create a Ruby Lane Event Booth

Create a Ruby Lane Account

  1. Create a Ruby Lane buyer account by clicking Sign In at the top right of any site page.
  2. On the popup, under the  Sign In  button click Sign Up.
  3. On the EXPRESS SIGN UP page, fill in your email, password, check the box to accept Ruby Lane Terms of Use then click  Submit .
  4. While signed in to your account, click the link in the invitation you received to join the event.
  5. On the event page, click  Register to Participate!.
  6. On the REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION page, select the option to Convert your current registration to a shop.
  7. On the VENDOR AGREEMENT page, fill out your business information, accept the Shop Terms and Conditions then click  Submit .
  8. Click My Shop at the top right of any Ruby Lane page, then on the drop-down menu click View My Shop to go to your Shop Home page.

Tasks to Complete

  • On your Shop Home page, under Tasks to Complete, click the  Shop overview  button to complete the listed tasks.
    • Booth owners are required to Grant Ruby Lane Permission to allow PayPal as a payment method. After permission is granted you will need to select PayPal under the Methods of Payment you Accept  
    • Your Completed percentage will be reduced with each task completed.
    • Once all tasks are completed, you may add item images, then add items to your booth, then add your items to the event as explained below.

Add Images for your items in bulk to your Image Gallery (recommended)

  1. Click My Shop at the top right of any Ruby Lane page.
  2. On the drop-down menu click Image Gallery.
  3. In the Image Gallery, click  +Images  (looks like a camera) to open a dialogue box that will let you access your computer's image files.  
  4. Navigate to where you have your Ruby Lane pictures stored.
  5. Select the image(s) you want to upload and click the Open button to start the upload from your computer into your Image Gallery.
  6. After uploads are complete you will see the pictures in the Image Gallery.

Add items using the images you uploaded to your Image Gallery (recommended)

  1. Click My Shop at the top right of any Ruby Lane page.
    From your Shop Home page, click  Add Items .
  2. On the drop-down menu click Add Items.
  3. On the Add Item page, fill in your Item ID.
  4. Click  Attach Images  (looks like a camera) to open the Image Gallery, where you pick the images you want to add to that listing. Select the images, up to 15 for each listing at no additional cost, in the order you want them in the listing. You will see them numbered as you click them. You can click to select or deselect.
  5. When finished selecting images for your item, click  Attach  at the top of the window.
  6. Fill in the rest of the item details and click Add Item at the bottom.

Add Items to the Event

  1. Click My Shop at the top right of any Ruby Lane page.
  2. On the drop-down menu click View My Shop.
  3. In the green box on your Shop Home page, click  Add Items to Event .
  4. Click All My Items (seen in the image below) to see your items.
  5. Click View Booth below that section on your Booth Home page to see the booth as others will.