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I have an item to sell

Ruby Lane does not purchase items. If you have an item that you would like to sell and have found a shop on our site that carries similar items, you might consider contacting them. To contact a Ruby Lane shop, click the Email Shop Owner button on any of the shop's pages.

Additionally, we are unable to answer questions about the value, authenticity, age, history, markings or other specifics about an item you have. We suggest you try one or more of the following:
  • Search our site for similar items offered for sale to help you research the answer to your questions. All items on Ruby Lane can be found using our Search. You can find Search at top-right of our Home Page at www.rubylane.com.
  • Post your question to our Facebook page. You must be registered with Facebook and 'Like' our page on Facebook.
  • Search the Ruby Lane Blog for articles, resource links and book titles.
  • Contact a qualified dealer local to you. 
  • Contact a qualified appraiser or one of the following organizations:
2019-07-25 3:26 am
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