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How do I manually Create an Order?

Create Order is used when you receive an order from a Ruby Lane shopper, who did not create an Order online. For example, they saw your item on Ruby Lane and emailed or phoned you about purchasing.  

  1. Visit your Shop Owner's Home page by clicking My Shop at top-right of any site page, then Shop Owners' Home on the drop-down menu.

  2. Under Sales, click Create Order.

  3. On the next page, enter or select the Item ID for the order. If the order is for more than one item, you can click + Add Item on the Create Order page that follows.

  4. On the Create Order page:

    1. Check the Items Subtotal.

    2. Fill in any Shipping and Insurance.

    3. Fill in the Ship To information (It is important that the above fields are completed accurately, as that will affect the calculation of any sales tax due).

    4. Select the What do you want to do with this item? options for each item (this will generally be 'Remove' or 'Mark Sold then Remove').

    5. Click Create Order

As soon as you click Create Order, the Seller Fee and any Sales Tax will be debited against your Ruby Lane Shop account.


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