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Shop Account Security

It is crucial to maintain your shop so that no unauthorized persons may gain access to your Shop Management pages. While the primary concern is having a good password, it is also important to keep your actual computer safe and secure from others.

The Importance of a Secure Password

Your password should not be something that any person or computer could guess.  According to Google, the most common and worst passwords are:

  1. Pet names
  2. A notable date, such as a wedding anniversary
  3. A family member’s birthday
  4. Your child’s name
  5. Another family member’s name
  6. Your birthplace
  7. A favorite holiday
  8. Something related to your favorite sports team
  9. The name of a significant other
  10. The word "password"

A password is also no good if it's taped to the bottom of your keyboard, or worse, on a post-it note stuck to your display.  Don't laugh, you might be shocked at how much that happens.

The easiest way for someone to deface a shop and Ruby Lane's site is to obtain a shop's password, then change their shop tag line, intro text, and featured item pictures. For a featured shop, this could mean your embarrassing predicament  quickly becoming obvious outside your shop, should inappropriate images begin displaying to site shoppers on the site’s or individual Lane home pages.

For open, active shops, your individual password is a critical part of Ruby Lane's site security measures, and a weak password makes it easy for criminals to obtain or even guess your password, enter your shop, and do whatever they want: email your customers, misdirect merchant credit card payment info, change your pictures, close your shop, delete items - you name it.

Guidelines for Choosing a Strong Password
Rule #1: Never give out your password, even to Ruby Lane!  

1. Use numbers in the middle
2. Using longer passwords is more secure than mixing capital and lowercase letters, plus all lowercase is easier to type.
3. Use at least 8 characters, including numbers and at least one special character like ! @ # $ % ^ & *  
4. Do not use a dictionary word as part of your password
5. Don't use parts of your address or phone number, or any other information that others have easy access to.
6. Use things only you know, but none of the 'the most common and worst passwords' listed up above
7. Don't use the same password on many websites. We know this is inconvenient, but many employees at a website may have access to your password. You do not want them, or anyone else, to have access to your personal info at other websites where you may do business.

You should also check your emails at https://haveibeenpwned.com to see if any of your emails and/or passwords may be compromised in a data breach.  If you find they may have been, generate a new password and change them right away.  Consider 2-factor authentication if available for any accounts.  

Can't think of a good password?

Good - If you can think of it and easily remember it, it's probably not strong enough.  Instead, visit https://1password.com/password-generator to generate one for you.

If you have a weak Ruby Lane password, take the time to go to 'My Account' and change it now!

Caution Using Public Forums

Public forums can be fun and informative, but they also expose you to others who might decide that for some reason they would like access to your shop. As all of the information in these forums is - well, public, do not ever divulge security information to anyone – even if you know them - for any reason, in a forum setting.

Physical Computer Security

Most people can't imagine how or why someone they know would access their shop, but it happens. For example, if your ex-spouse is getting your computer in the divorce, or if your son will be taking your old computer off with him to college, be sure that all of the data on it is completely removed before parting with it. And remember that if your computer is lost or stolen, someone will potentially have access to your shop. We have had a case where the computer was included as part of the sale of an antique shop, and the new owner went to Ruby Lane and changed all of the registration information for the old owner by mistake!

One way to protect yourself in the event that your computer is lost, is to make sure the Remember Me option is not checked when signing into Ruby Lane.  Also, Do Not allow your browser to save passwords. That way if your computer is lost, your passwords will not be readily available to whoever uses it.

Backing Up Data

To protect yourself in the unfortunate event that your computer is lost, we strongly recommend that you back-up all of your shop inventory data on a regular basis. If possible, store this data elsewhere so that if there is a fire and your computer is lost, you'll be able to replace your data.

2018-11-01 9:55 am
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