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Why are my item images uploading sideways?

After uploading, images may sometimes appear to rotate. Ruby Lane does not rotate the images during the upload process. This generally happens because the photo was taken with the camera rotated from its natural axis and the image file itself is recorded in this orientation.

Mobile phones are being used more than ever to photograph items sold online.  No image uploader can know the way a photo was intended to be viewed.  To that end, it's important to check the quality and orientation of images prior to uploading.  In most cases, it's considerably easier to edit images before uploading.  The exception is when those images are solely managed on a mobile phone - this is not ideal.  Downloading images to a computer for cropping, rotating, color correction is highly recommended.

Some mobile devices and digital cameras have settings that allow changes to orientation.  Please consult with your device user manual, or search Google for more information.



2018-02-27 6:57 am
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