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Monday, April 23rd, 2018. 11:40 AM (Pacific)

AIP Images are now being displayed in searches, item pages and new arrivals.  Images are still processing and we expect them to complete shortly.

Please check any affected listings. If there are any for which an incorrect image has been sent to AIP, please relist the item as a new listing and send us an email to let us know:
a. The Item ID of the deleted listing.
b. The Item ID of the replacement listing.

We will then credit your account with the listing fee within 72 hours.  Please understand that we will not respond to those emails unless we have a question about the situation.

Thanks so much for your patience while we corrected your images.

Your Ruby Lane Team


Once we verify the inform

Monday, April 23rd, 2018. 02:00 (Pacific)

Ruby Lane is currently experiencing some technical issues with its image handling system that are affecting multiple listings across the site.

The main symptoms are:

a. Images listing out of order.
b. Difficulty changing the order of images.
c. Distorted images.
d. Advanced Image Processing (AIP) images not displaying on item listing pages, shop homepages or search pages.

Unfortunately, the Customer Support Team is not able to address these issues but Ruby Lane's technicians are working as fast as they can to resolve them.

Please check this page for further information. We regret that we may not be able to respond to individual requests for updates.

The latest information we have is that although our technicians hope to be able to restore the display of AIP images on shop and search pages, it is possible that after the issues have been resolved, some item listings with significantly incorrect images or incorrect primary images sent for AIP may need to be replaced by the shop owner. Should that be necessary, we will update this page accordingly.

2018-04-23 11:48 am
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