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Advanced Image Processing (AIP) - Images of Different Item Returned

If an image of a different item has come back from AIP, please reject it on your AIP page, selecting "Other Reason" and entering "Image of different item returned" in the text box.

Advanced Image Processing (AIP) Update - 9/26/18

Our technical team continues to work on the image handling and we are seeing significant and continual improvement.   However, there are some items that may be more difficult to correct or may not be correctable at all.  We will address those on a case by case basis and encourage shop owners to contact customer support via email with the specific Item IDs so we can check them for you.

New items should list with less difficulty and we are happy to assist if needed.  

NEW - Adding items without images - If you add items without images, then Modify Item to add images later, the item will submit to AIP in 60 minutes.  During that time, the item will likly show on the Available for Processing tab, with a checkbox to select to send to AIP.  After adding the image, no further action is needed to send the image to AIP. By Friday, September 28th, this will be corrected to show the item as Submitted after an image is added.

AIP Review - The Accept / Reject function for AIP is working. It is possible that an error message may appear when trying to accept an image but the image will still be accepted and the item will enter Today's Arrivals. 

Auto-Accept: ON/OFF - If you have changed to Auto-Accept:ON and want to manually Accept your images, you can make that change back to OFF

Advanced Image Processing (AIP) and Image Modification Delays (9/12/18)

While our technicians are installing the new image handling infrastructure, the process may generate some strange anomalies for AIP images and shops' AIP pages. Items may appear in Today's Arrivals without images having been reviewed, Images may appear to be Accepted but will still be on the Review page, Images that have already been processed may appear to have been re-submitted, newly added items may be double-charged, and there may be other functions that disappear or function strangely as coding is replaced.

This is a little like trying to replace components of an engine while it is still running. When the old components are taken out, the engine may run irregularly or even stop until the new components are put in place. However, what we are doing is even more complicated than that. We are replacing components with others that have been completely redesigned. Any engine could be expected to cough and splutter a little while that was happening!

Until this process is complete, Customer Support will not have access to tools with which to correct AIP issues in individual shops and such issues may be corrected anyway as the upgrade proceeds. Nor will we be able to predict when the system will stabilize and functions return to normal.

What we can say is that you will soon be able to see why this was worthwhile when we make available increased numbers of images on item listing pages, the option to add images and have them processed before adding items (meaning that items will then be able to go into Today's Arrivals as soon as they are added), the option to have all item images processed, and greater general resilience and reliability in the image handling system.

For any items with AIP issues, please:
1. Make a note of the Item IDs and what the issues are.
2. Check this site status page regularly until there is an update saying that AIP is functioning normally again.
3. Recheck the items affected and if any issues have not been resolved, let us know what they are together with the Item IDs.

Probable Scam Texts (8/24/18)

We have received a few reports of someone texting shop owners from 417-986-4818 (a VOIP phone number) offering to pay extra for an item by bank check and then have someone collect it. This is a standard scam tactic, with the bank check turning out to be fake or stolen if someone falls for it. 

We recommend that shop owners don't reply and block the texter from their phone.

2018-10-06 9:53 am
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