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How do I search for items on Ruby Lane

Sitewide, the default search includes terms found in Item Titles and Categories.  

At the end of any search, if more of the same search terms can be found in Item Descriptions, a button will be displayed indicating that you can see more items by searching descriptions.  

Example: Searching for '18K Gold Diamond Ring' might show 2000+ items searching only the title and category.   


At the end of the last search page, provided there are items with your search terms only found inside the Item Description, you would see a message similar to the one below. If the option to see more items is not available then no items have your search terms in the description.


At the end of the search with descriptions included, you have the option to exclude descriptions.



Note: Followed Searches use the default of search terms found in Item Titles and Categories.  

2017-03-10 6:05 am
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