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Can I receive transaction notifications on my cell phone?

Yes, you can.  The Cell Phone Notification tool is a free feature that lets shops stay in touch with their Ruby Lane customers even when a shop's owner is on the 'go.'

Access the tool on the Shop Information page in your shop. If you want Ruby Lane to send a text message to your cell phone to alert you to new purchase orders, offers or when a customer has asked you a question, enter your cell phone number and cell phone provider information in the spaces provided under the heading 'Notification by Cell Phone (optional)' on Shop Information.

Be sure to mark the appropriate boxes to indicate the forms of customer contact for automatic notifications by phone, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Update button to save your entries.

If text messages are sent to my cell phone, do I still have to use e-mail to manage the orders?
Yes. All customer activity continues to go into your Manage Transactions page just as before, whether or not you use the Cell Phone Notification feature.

We recommend that you go to the Manage Transactions page and reply to a shopper/buyer from that page so the email correspondence is documented in your shop history records.

2016-11-08 5:37 am
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