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What are the Advanced Image Processing Specifications?

  1. Resize image canvas to square Set image canvas width and height equal to the maximum width or height of the original image. 

1200x1500 image -> 1500x1500 canvas
1200x2048 image -> 2048x2048 canvas

  1. Crop item to square Use Fixed Aspect Ratio to crop item to actual size with no padding. 

750x1000 item within a 1024x1024 canvas is cropped to 1000x1000 
1200x2048 item within a 3000x3000 canvas is cropped to 2048x2048

  1. Convert to PNG with transparent background.
  1. Edit Image:
    1. Backdrops and scenery
    2. Shadows
    3. Text overlays (shop names, added graphical frames, sizes, dates, etc.)
    1. Remove background(s) of actual item, including:



      1. Live Model's hands


      • Display Holders, Forms and Mannequins for Necklaces only


      • Lamp Cords, when possible (if not possible to fully remove, trim lamp cord close to lamp)



      1. Mirrors: retouch (replace with simulated mirror gradient), except when mirror is etched or decorated (see b.viii) 



    1. Do NOT remove:
      1. Display Holders, Forms and Mannequins, except for Necklaces (when only a necklace is displayed) 
        (see 4.a.v)


      1. Live Models, except for when only hands shown (see 4.a.iv)


      • Original item box or case (see 4.a.iv)


      • Marble or Wood bases from works of art


      • Any elements from fine art or postcards


      • Picture frames or borders of fine art or postcards


      • Size comparison props (rulers, tape measures, coins, currency, model)


      • Retouch mirrors with etching or decoration



    1. Crop and center item
Original JPG Actual Item Size
(Step 1)
(Step 2)
1024x1024 800x1000 1024x1024 1000x1000
900x600 800x500 900x900 800x800
1024x1250 1024x1200 1250x1250 1200x1200
1000x3000 900x2200 3000x3000  2200x2200


2018-03-28 9:35 am
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