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What are the Advanced Image Processing Guidelines?

To help your shop be successful with Advanced Image Processing (AIP), we recommend that you review the following guidelines and tips when photographing items, and selecting primary item images for processing.

Be sure to check your primary item image prior to submitting for AIP. If your image has any of the following attributes, it is possible the results will be less than satisfactory, and you should consider replacing your image with a more suitable one before before you submit it for processing:
  • Image becomes smaller when the large view is clicked on the item page
    • Recommended image aspect is square, and optimal size is 2048x2048 pixels (4.2 megapixels.) 
  • Item is not in focus
  • Item has bright spots from camera flash or direct sunlight. This is especially noticeable when an item is bright white, and on some jewelry pieces made of polished metal, faceted gemstones or other reflective materials
  • Item is transparent and photographed on a colored or patterned background
  • Item is not completely visible
    • Each listing is required to have a high-quality primary (first) image that displays only the item for sale (does not apply to items in the Dolls Lane.) 
    • It must be obvious based on the primary image what is actually offered for sale. 
    • At least one of your images must show the entire item (in most cases, that should be the primary image.)
  • Item is photographed on a busy, multi-colored, or textured background
  • Image has graphic enhancements, such as holiday embellishments or frames

What happens to images during processing?

  • Background is removed from the image.
    • The Advanced Image Processing Specifications indicate what will be removed from the image.
  • Background becomes transparent and can be viewed on different background colors.
  • Images are cropped to fit inside a squared image. Maximum cropped image size is 2048x2048 pixel square.
  • The image file type is converted to PNG. 
    • PNG. files are capable of having a transparent background, and .JPG files are not.

All items added to your shop should have at least the primary image taken without obstructions, and the image should be of the entire item. It is most important to ensure that the first item image is the one you intend to be displayed in Searches, Featuring, Wish Lists, etc.

Note: It is quick and easy to rearrange images on the page that is displayed right after an item is added to your shop.
Display Holders, Forms & Mannequins
Display Holders, Forms & Mannequins are not removed during processing (except for when used with Necklaces).
Necklaces will always have the display, mannequin or prop removed.

Live Model Hands
When live model hands are used as a display prop, or to hold items, they will be removed from images. The processed image may show an item that is cut off or otherwise incomplete. Transparent props are generally a better choice to hold or position items.

Text Overlays
Watermarks, titles or other text can obstruct the view of the item and make image processing difficult. Images with text over the item will not be optimally processed. Additionally, Google Shopping prohibits, and Google search does not recommend the inclusion of any text on images.

Graphic Enhancements
Images that have been embellished with holiday themes, or outlined with a simulated picture frame may not display well after processing. Consider choosing a primary image that includes only the item for sale.Consider choosing a primary image that includes only the item for sale.

Background Colors and Patterns
Transparent or reflective items photographed on bright colored or patterned backgrounds can undergo a change, poorly affecting their appearance in search results. See-through material can also be affected. To be successful with Advanced Image Processing use a background that does not unnaturally change the color of the item.
Unrelated Items in Image
Unrelated items in an item image can obstruct the item offered for sale. Also, the entire item is not visible and the unrelated items cannot be removed during Advanced Image Processing. It should be obvious to the processor and customers which item is for sale.
String tags or information placards should be removed, or placed so they do not obstruct any visible area of the item.
Item Placement
Be sure that items are placed effectively within the image. If your items are too far away, they may appear small in the AIP image.
Item Placement
Be sure that items are placed effectively within the image. If your items are too far away, they may appear small in the AIP image.
Image Focus
Items that are not in focus are difficult to process, and are typically unacceptable for accurate item presentation. Shoppers are unable to truly see what is being offered for sale, or see condition issues that would influence buying decisions.

Item Orientation
It is important to make sure your item images are oriented correctly, and can be viewed by shoppers without having to perform acrobatics. If you notice an image that needs to be rotated, you can rotate the image by clicking on it from the Modify Item page.
For more information regarding Advanced Image Processing, we encourage you to view ‘Everything you want to know about Advanced Image Processing (AIP)’ found in our online FAQ, which is also accessible from the footer of all Ruby Lane pages.
2016-07-15 9:40 am
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