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Can I fund my Ruby Lane shop account with a credit card?

You may fund your Ruby Lane account with one of the following credit cards: 
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Debit cards that display the Visa or MasterCard logo may also be be used

First, you need to add your credit card information:
  1. From the Accounting page in your shop, click Payment Credit Card link from the menu
  2. Enter your credit card details on the Payment Credit Card page.  When your card is successfully added, you will see:

    You may now use your credit card to pay for Ruby Lane charges.
    Charges appear as "Ruby Lane, Inc" on your credit card statement. 

NOTE: If you choose Auto Pay, it will take effect the next time your account balance drops below $5. You may need to manually Fund your account to a balance greater than $5.


To use Auto Pay

  1. From your Accounting page, select AUTO PAY
  2. SELECT When my balance due drops below $5, charge my credit card for the balance due plus the "Additional Amount"
  3. Select any Additional Amount you want to add with Auto Pay
  4. Click the red ‘Set Auto Pay’ button
If you have chosen the Fund Account option and you are ready to make a payment:
  1. Go back to the Fund Account page
  2. under PAYMENT METHOD, select the credit card option
  3. Using the Payment Amount drop-down menu, choose the amount you want to pay and then click the red Pay Now button
  4. On the next page, if all the details are correct, Click the red Charge Card button.  If you need to make a change, click Cancel

To Add, Update or Delete your credit card information:
From your Accounting page, select Payment Credit Card, then....

Add Credit Card
Fill in your card details and click the red ‘Add Card’ button

Update Card
Click ‘Update Card’
On the next page, update card details and click the red ‘Update Card’ button

Delete Card
Click ‘Delete Card’

You will receive an email confirmation when you Add, Update or Delete a card.


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