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How do I pay my Shop Fees?

Your Ruby Lane account is funded on a prepay basis, similar to the way most sellers sell their items online: you pay us first and then we provide services.

Shop Fees can be paid using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards. From your Accounting page, select Fund Account then choose your method of payment.

  • All Ruby Lane shops must have sufficient funds available in their Ruby Lane account by the 1st of the month to pay the fees due for the new month and click charges, if any, incurred in the prior month. Use the Projected Account Summary shown under Accounting, Current Balance at any time during the month to get an idea of how much you will need to have in your account by the 1st.

  • Your Ruby Lane account must be funded ahead of time with PayPal, or by entering your credit card information, and selecting a payment option. PayPal and credit card payments are credited to your account instantly, in most cases. It is important to know that it does take time to set up a new PayPal account, so plan accordingly if you do not already have an account.

  • If there are insufficient funds in your Ruby Lane account on the 1st of the month:
    • your account balance will go negative
    • your statement found in the Statement History section of your accounting will indicate that payment is overdue
    • we extend a 15-day grace period to deposit sufficient funds
    • we may try to contact you by direct email
    • the grace period cannot be extended past the 15 days we offer

  • If there are still insufficient funds in your Ruby Lane account on the 16th of the month:
    • your shop and all linked shops are placed in preview (not open to the public)
    • a $25 late / re-open fee is added to your account

  • Please understand that this procedure is completely automated so exceptions cannot be made under any circumstances. It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are in your Ruby Lane account on the 1st. Shops that wait until the last minute to make payments run the risk of being put into preview because of technical glitches or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • If you have submitted a PayPal eCheck which did not clear your bank twice in the last year, and this scenario occurs for the third time in a year, you will be sent an email stating your shop has been placed in preview status and is no longer active on Ruby Lane. After approximately 72 business hours, your shop and all linked shops(s) will be permanently removed from our site. The 72 hours will allow you time to clear all outstanding transactions, copy all your shop data, including item descriptions, photos, history records, accounting records, reports, and other shop information because once your shop is removed, the data cannot be recovered.

  • If your shop has been placed in preview for insufficient funds three times in a 12 month period, your shop will not be eligible for reopening on Ruby Lane.

  • Shops who choose to close permanently and who have at least $1 in their account may request and receive a refund of their credit balance. Shops must make their refund request at the time of closing. For shops who close other than the last day of the month, maintenance fees will be pro-rated. Paid options such as Paid Featuring are non-refundable. Any non-refundable option will be clearly stated as such in advance. Shops will receive their refund 30 days from the time they request it, provided there are no unresolved transactions.

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