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How do I use Pinterest to promote my shop?

Pinterest is a very popular social networking site for getting ideas and inspiration about all sorts of things including but not limited to technology, products, fashion, home decor, weddings, cooking, holiday decorating and more. A viewer might put in a few search terms such as "vintage Halloween decorations" or "mens fashion ideas" and she (most likely she since about 5 out of 6 Pinterest users are female) will be shown hundreds of images that match her search, with each one leading back to the website that the image came from. For this reason it is very important to include excellent and relevant descriptions about each item that you save to Pinterest. 


Ruby Lane works our Pinterest account daily adding items from all shops to hundreds of different boards. We currently have about 50,000 followers and increase that number every day.  


We have a series of shop owner boards called the Picks and Pins boards. Shop Owners who have a Pinterest account and have contacted us are added to the board as collaborators. They can then save 12 items per week on those boards. Those items are shown to the 50,000 (and growing) followers, as well as found by others who search for items or ideas. 


How do I begin using Pinterest?

  1. First, you must go to www.pinterest.com and create your own account. There is no cost.  
  2. Next, you need to follow Ruby Lane’s Pinterest account. Go to www.pinterest.com/rubylanecom to find our profile, then click the red "Follow" button. 
  3. Then, send us an email and request to be added to the boards (marketing1@rubylane.com). Tell us your Ruby Lane shop name, your shop nickname, and your Pinterest account name and URL. Once we get you added as a collaborator you will be invited to pin with us on a Picks and Pins board.
  4. Accept the invitation to pin with us on Pinterest. 
  5. Save 12 items per week on the Picks and Pins board that you have been added to. Go to an item page in your Ruby Lane shop. Look for the row of gray social sharing buttons below the Shipping Info and Shop Owner Tools. Click the "p" for Pinterest. A window will pop-up. Choose a great item with an outstanding image and include an excellent description. Find the Picks and Pins board in the list and click the red Save button next to it.  


How do I expand my reach with Pinterest?

  1. Begin creating your own boards and getting your own followers in order to expand your presence with viewers. Start with 10 or 15 boards on topics you are interested in as well as topics that match the items you sell. Fill the boards slowly and steadily aiming for a minimum of 15-25 items on each board. 
  2. Follow other Pinterest users and they will begin to follow you back if they like the items you save.
  3. Pin items from your shop and pin items from other websites that you frequent, or other Pinterest users that you notice with ideas you like. It is a process that starts out slow, but increases in reach as you work on it.
  4. Consider creating an outstanding pin in a graphic design program that might give useful information, or help with a decor trend or a DIY project. While this sort of pin may not showcase a particular item from your shop, they can be popular with useres, and becuase a link is part of the pin, they can provide a way for people to find your shop or a blog you contribute to for example. 
2017-08-24 11:38 am
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