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Premium Featuring in Lane page Banners

Premium Featuring allows a shop to have an item showcased in a Lane in one of the Premium Feature Banners at the top of each Lane page for a fee.


Are there special requirements to purchase Premium Featuring?

Yes, to purchase Premium Featuring a shop must be able to meet the following standards:

  • AIP only images that must be professional, high quality, no props, no text.
  • Images should be a minimum of 750 x750
  • Mannequins may be used to display fashions if undamaged and in good taste.  
  • Shop and items must be in-compliance with site and lane requirements.
  • Premium Featuring offers an equal opportunity to opt-in, but space is limited.
  • Shops that want to opt in but do not meet the requirements for Premium Featuring may be notified with the reason(s) why and offered recommendations.
  • Good Standing:  no history of complaints, or for being rude/abusive to customers, Ruby Lane’s staff, or for other unprofessional behavior.
  • Shops must have at least 10 items currently listed in a lane in order to qualify for Premium Featuring for that lane.


How much does Premium Featuring cost?

  • Small Premium Feature Banner - 2 Weeks $50
  • Medium Premium Feature Banner - 2 Weeks $75
  • Large Premium Feature Banner - 2 Weeks $100
  • X-Large Premium Feature Banner - 2 Weeks $150


Which Lane and Size Premium Feature banner options are available for purchase? 
* For sizing examples check the images below the sizes

  • Antiques: 3 large 4 medium
  • Vintage Collectibles: 3 large 4 medium 6 small
  • Dolls: 1 x-large 8 medium
  • Fine Art: 3 large 4 medium
  • Furniture & Lighting: 2 x-large 8 medium
  • Glass: 3 large 4 medium
  • Jewelry:  3 large 4 medium 6 small
  • Porcelain & Pottery: 3 large 4 medium
  • Silver: 4 medium
  • Vintage Fashion: 3 large 4 medium 6 small

X-Large and Medium Sizes
Large, Medium, and Small Sizes


How do I apply for Premium Featuring?


When is my shop charged for Premium Featuring?

  • Shops do not submit an item to be featured, they submit a request to be considered for Premium Featuring in a specific lane.  Our staff will pick the item to be featured.
  • Shop will not be charged unless an item is selected for Premium Featuring.
  • Shop will be billed when their item is posted in the banner on the site.


What if there isn’t a Premium Featuring Banner category on a Lane page that fits my items?

  • We change the category name on the button and the search to fit your items.


What if my item sells before the subscription runs out? 

  • We may choose to add another item from your shop.



2018-03-27 11:17 am
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