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List of Questions available in "Shop Account"

  1. How do I let shoppers know I'm on vacation?
  2. What is the Manage Transactions page?
  3. Can I receive transaction notifications on my cell phone?
  4. What is the Manage Items page?
  5. How long will my items remain in Today's Arrivals or This Week's Arrivals?
  6. If text messages are sent to my cell phone, do I still have to use e-mail to manage the purchase orders?
  7. Do I have to put my phone number and address in my shop where everyone can see it?
  8. When should I remove items from my inventory if I do not want to be charged for them on my next Shop Account statement?
  9. I have added an item into my shop. When will the item be visible?
  10. How long are transactions stored on my Manage Transactions page and can I store them longer?
  11. What is a nickname?
  12. When do my newly listed items appear in Today's Arrivals?
  13. What is the difference between my Shop Name and my shop Nickname?
  14. Why did a returned or bounced email cause my shop to update to Preview?
  15. Why aren't I receiving emails?
  16. What is the Shop Owners' Home page?
  17. How many items can I have in my shop?
  18. How do I change the Item ID of an item that is listed in my shop?
  19. How do I close my shop?
  20. How do I set up Cell Phone Text Message alerts for my shop?
  21. Is the list of items in Today's Arrivals created at a certain time of day?
  22. How do I set the Sales Tax for my shop?
  23. How do I change my nickname, shop name, or email address?

Subcategories available under "Shop Account"

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