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List of Questions available in "Shop Account"

  1. Do I have to put my phone number and address in my shop where everyone can see it?
  2. If text messages are sent to my cell phone, do I still have to use e-mail to manage the purchase orders?
  3. How do I let shoppers know I'm on vacation?
  4. I have added an item into my shop. When will the item be visible?
  5. What is the Manage Transactions page?
  6. Can I receive transaction notifications on my cell phone?
  7. How long will my items remain in Today's Arrivals or This Week's Arrivals?
  8. When should I remove items from my inventory if I do not want to be charged for them on my next Shop Account statement?
  9. What is the Manage Items page?
  10. Why did a returned or bounced email cause my shop to update to Preview?
  11. How long are transactions stored on my Manage Transactions page and can I store them longer?
  12. Why aren't I receiving emails?
  13. When do my newly listed items appear in Today's Arrivals?
  14. What is a nickname?
  15. What is the difference between my Shop Name and my shop Nickname?
  16. What is the Shop Owners' Home page?
  17. How do I close my shop?
  18. How do I change my nickname, shop name, or email address?
  19. How many items can I have in my shop?
  20. How do I set up Cell Phone Text Message alerts for my shop?
  21. Is the list of items in Today's Arrivals created at a certain time of day?
  22. How do I set the Sales Tax for my shop?
  23. How do I change the Item ID of an item that is listed in my shop?

Subcategories available under "Shop Account"

There are no Subcategories available under this Category.