Terms of Sale (That Was Then Antiques, Jewelry, and Collectibles)

Our Service Pledge

Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Return Policy

Ruby Lane and each of its independent shops want you to be satisfied with your purchase. To ensure your satisfaction and for the protection of both the buyer and shop owner, we have a Return Policy that each Ruby Lane shop owner honors. View Return Policy

Shipping, Handling, Insurance Policy

When you pay via Paypal, we will only ship to a confirmed shipping address as specified by you when you pay the purchase order. NO EXCEPTIONS. Therefore, if you wish for us to ship to any other address you must select that specific address on Paypal. While not required, we strongly recommend you provide a working phone number so that we may quickly reach you in case of a problem.

Payment from Paypal is due within 3 days of placement of purchase order or 5 business days for money orders or cashier's checks. Buyers who do not pay within this time frame without emailing or phoning may be blocked from this shop as a non-paying buyer and the item will be returned to active inventory.

Insurance is required. We ship most items through the U.S. Post Office. Furniture usually shipped through Craters & Freighters or mover of your choosing and arranging.

You pay shipping costs directly to (mover) for furniture or large/heavy items that require a third-party shipper to pack. In general, we do not ship outside continental USA.

As of this writing, we do not ship Internationally except upon a case by case basis. As you will see when you read further, if we agree to ship abroad, it will be the sole responsibility of the BUYER for all import, VAT, customs, or other fees incurred as well as the cost of shipping and/or return shipping. We will only ship via Express Mail Shipping or Global Express options unless it is an item of $45.00 or less value and is lightweight enough to ship via Priority Mail or even First Class Parcel. On items above $45.00 a signature will be required upon receipt. If no one is at the address to sign for the item, the item must be picked up within 3 days of notification of its availability.

As much as we love our international neighbors, we discourage shipping abroad due to lack of insurability on many items, the high shipping costs, the extra work involved due to additional paperwork and physically having to bring the package to the post office, and the fact that every country has its own set of restrictions and prohibitions requiring research, and finally not enough tracking capability. In addition, new 'harmonized' tariff codes are specific to each country and have many, many subcategories - not all of which are transparent to a shipper like ourselves that seldom ships abroad. Therefore, if the taxes/fees you are required to pay exceed your expectations, it is still ultimately your responsibility to know what codes are accurate and appropriate for shipping. We will not lie on forms or distort the truth as that will put our business in jeopardy. Not worth it. The ultimate message for this is that it is YOUR responsibility to make sure the item is legal to be imported based on your country's restrictions and prohibitions, that you are willing to pay any fees/taxes that might be imposed by your customs department.

Please note that MOST countries have prohibitions or restrictions on receiving silver, gold, and jewelry items. More information about these can be found at the USPS site. We comply with these regulations by refusing to ship jewelry items to those countries.

For example, we are legally permitted to ship silver and gold jewelry to the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. via registered mail, however, only a maximum of $45.00 worth of insurance can be purchased - not enough to cover the actual value of most of our items.

We know that other dealers will ship where we won't, but that is their policy not ours.

We do not accept wire transfers.

All customs forms will be filled out honestly and for the actual purchase price of the item. Usually proof of purchase and value will be included within the shipment in addition to the customs forms provided on the exterior of the package.

Restocking Fee

The restocking fee is 10%.

All shipping costs are non-refundable. If you wish to return an item please comply with the following which is an elaboration of the Ruby Lane refund policy. Should you choose to return an item, contact me within three days of receipt (trackable through the USPS site's tracker). Please contact me (call or email) to discuss because sometimes the reason for the request for refund may be removed once understood clearly by both of us.

For example, we once sold a necklace which had a tricky clasp. The buyer thought it was broken, but after discussing it found out how to work it and was super thrilled because she really, really wanted the item!

Also, be aware that the item must be returned in exactly the same condition as originally sent to you including the retention on the item of any tags or labels. In the case of sterling silver or silverplate items, they must be returned UNpolished. All sterling and s/p items are shipped with markings that IF removed will preclude eligibility for a refund. You must purchase insurance.

On porcelain and china items there is a marking done in special ink that is readable only under UV light (black light). If that marking is not visible upon a return, no refund can be granted.

Please note that regarding layaway terms, we do not accept paypal or any credit card payments for layaways. Only bank-issued cashier's checks or money orders, or US Postal Service money orders.

Layaway Policy

This shop does not offer a layaway plan for purchases

Other Information

Promotional sales preclude other reductions.

Continental USA transactions ONLY except as explained above.

Money Orders only via United States Postal Money Order or Bank Check (Cashier's check or Money Order issued from bank).

Upon our discretion we will add $30.00 for all international sales to cover any transfer fees, possible exchange rates, and special handling (hand carrying to post office, for example).

6% sales tax within state of Florida automatically added when paying through paypal unless valid tax exempt certificate provided.

Due to some recent problems with scam artists, please be advised that the return policy spells out the terms and conditions regarding returns. We will not entertain returns if we are not notified of your intention to make the return within 3 days of receipt (as noted in usps site's tracker) and if the item is not returned within one week and in exactly the same condition as sent to you. The item must be returned safely and fully insured. All labels or tags or original markings must still be adhered or attached to the item being returned. And again - silver items must not be polished for a return to be acceptable.

Payments we accept: