Terms of Sale (Mercy, Maude!)

Our Service Pledge

Items are carefully and knowledgeably described, and any flaws cheerfully and fully described and photographed in close-up. We've shipped over 70,000 packages over 16 plus years selling online with no damage, and will pack your items the same way that we'd like to receive ours. We love to ship quickly, and since we have a small, friendly village Post Office minutes from our door, shipping is a pleasure that we never delay. If away, we advise of this via Store Vacation banner, and ship immediately upon our return.

Return Policy

Ruby Lane and each of its independent shops want you to be satisfied with your purchase. To ensure your satisfaction and for the protection of both the buyer and shop owner, we have a Return Policy that each Ruby Lane shop owner honors. View Return Policy

Shipping, Handling, Insurance Policy

Buyer pays for actual cost shipping and insurance - we do not charge for handling. Should a package of combined purchases shipped together cost less to ship than anticipated, we immediately refund the difference once shipped.

Restocking Fee

We charge a 15% restocking fee on all returned items. Items that were mass-produced in their day (china and glass) will be marked with an (easily washable) identification symbol to prevent damaged items from being switched out with our intact items, and must be returned with this marking intact.

Layaway Policy

This shop does not offer a layaway plan for purchases

Other Information

Questions regarding discounts, alternate payment forms, shipping to other countries, using a different shipping method - please read here - it's a big time saver!

All items in my shop are priced at the lowest price that I am willing to accept for that item, available to everyone, and thus I do not use the Offers Considered feature, or Dealer To Dealer Discounts - everyone shopping for my items gets the same low price. I appreciate the interest in my items, but please be aware that offers or requests for lower prices will not be considered or acknowledged , as the price you see is the very least that I can accept.

We ship to USA addresses ONLY.

We do have a broad base of regular and return customers who check our site daily for new listings, and buy quickly. In fairness to both our customers and to us, we ask that single-item purchases be paid for immediately by clicking the Pay Now icon or button, or (for combined purchases in which we need to adjust the shipping cost for multiple items packed together) shortly after the combined invoice is sent. This is especially important for those items that have just been listed the same day. We will then ship your item or items right out to you, and mark these items as Sold. We cannot hold single items for over 24 hours unless prior arrangements have been made, and will return them to sale for everyone to have a chance, if payment foes not accompany the order.

I don't have automatic shipping discounts for combined orders, because my items vary wildly in size and weight, from a single button, up to perhaps a large china dessert service, and cannot be successfully calculated correctly by the site. I will always invoice these combined orders with actual combined weight and size shipping cost, OR if (like most buyers) you prefer to just go ahead and pay at the time of purchase order, I'll immediately refund any excess shipping costs when I mail you the package - you are charged exactly what the Post Office charges, period. Shipping costs shown for single items are actual cost only. I always refund any overage on shipping costs if a package turns out to be slightly under weight once on the Post Office scale, or on combined orders. I'm just as horrified as you are over shipping costs, especially to the West and South of my Northeast location. The cost that you see on the page is the actual cost based on weight, and sometimes the size of the package, should the dimensions fall into the Oversize 1 surcharge parameters.

Payments we accept: