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Quilts, both past and present forms, comfort us, enrich our
lives, and enhance our surroundings. Quilting has evolved from
simple down-to-earth bedding covers, used to stave off the harsh
chill of winter months, to an exciting and thought-provoking art
form. We now hang them on our walls, in places of honor, so we
can drink in the rich riot of colors and patterns. Magnificent works of
art are created with everyday items: a piece of fabric, a
needle, and thread. We are drawn to them, reaching out to feel
the fibers under our fingers, to trace along the stitching lines -
feeling the residual energy left behind by the artist's own

In the 1950s-60s, artists began experimenting with modern
designs in non-traditional quiltmaking but little attention was
given to this art form until the 1970s. Formally trained
artists were discovering excitement in this new combination of
color, line and texture. It appealed to the senses as no other
medium can. The new generation of sewing machines, fabric paint
and dyes presented challenges to which the artist responded.

A number of techniques can be used allowing for endless
possibilities, including hand and machine quilting, applique,
layering, embroidery and painting. Subject matter ranges from
personal memories to political issues. Artists view quiltmaking
as a means of expression that is impossible to achieve with
other materials. This art form will continue to evolve through
the artist's creative efforts - making statements about the
present and offering a legacy for the future.


Decorating with Quilts

Decorating with quilts warms up a room, not just a bed. No
matter what your style, nothing will add more to the feeling of
comfort. It adds character and becomes the focal point of a
room. Here are some decorating ideas to get you started:

*Drape over a sofa or chair

*Hang on a wall

*Fold over a strategically-placed quilt rack

*Use as a table cloth

*Use small quilts as table runners and placemats

*Fold over a stair bannister

*Use as a table skirt with a piece of glass on top

*Fold over an open armoire door

*Place small folded quilts in a basket next to the fireplace

*Place a rolled or folded quilt on a bookshelf

Periodically refold your quilts to prevent permanent creases and
fading in one area. Rotating and storing your quilts seasonally
will ensure many, many years of enjoyment.

Here's a list of upcoming shows around the U.S. featuring fine
art and handmade items:

Oct 17-20, 2002 War Eagle Fair War Eagle Mills Farm Hindsville,

Oct 26-27, 2002 Craft Fair USA Wisconsin State Fair Park
Milwaukee, WI

Oct 21-Nov 30, 2002 Southern Style National Juried Exhibition
Lowndes Valdosta Arts Center Valdosta, GA

Nov 1-3, 2002 2002 Sacramento Arts Festival Sacranento
Convention Center, Sacramento, CA

Nov 1-3, 2002 Tulsa Arts & Crafts Fall Festival Expo Center
Tulsa, OK

Nov 7-10, 2002 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show
Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia, PA

Nov 7-10, 2002 Christmas in the Country Hamburg Fairgrounds
Hamburg, NY

Nov 7-10, 2002 2002 Weems Artfest New Mexico State Fairgrounds
Albuquerque, NM

2002 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show Pennsylvania
Convention Center Philadelphia, PA Nov 8-10 2002

2002 Festival of the Masters Downtown Disney Lake Buena Vista,
FL Nov 23-24, 2002

2002 Westport Creative Arts Festival Staples High School
Westport, CT

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