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Out of My Mind...more days than not, this is a descriptive statement rather than a catchy phrase! So it wasn't by accident that I chose this name for my shop.

Painted Desert ~ Wire Wrapped Collage BraceletOften times when I fail to censor my think-out-loud moments...a conversation that starts with talk of what we'll have for dinner, comes to include the pondering of ripping out bathroom we really need a snow blower? my friend Crazy P made me laugh hysterically at her latest email, and ok!, now she's whining because something sold before she got to it!...I need to go to Lowe's to get a thingamabob because I think I can make a thingamajig out of it...and OH! What were we talking about?! These are the times my dear husband looks at me, and in all sincerity says, "It must really be scary in there"! Out of My Mind...? Yeah, pretty much!

Thoughts and ideas included, I am of an eclectic nature, and it is what I believe to be at the root of my creativity. Add to that my inability to successfully follow a routine and my great dislike for anything repetitious, and you'll discover what has become my style in jewelry making and shard art...eclectic, collage, asymmetrical....or as Crazy P says, "off-the-wall and outside-of-the-box"!

Copper Collage   Chain ~ Out of My Mind NecklaceWhen I started this journey nearly 10 years ago, the eclectic collage style was evident in both my shard art and jewelry making. As my abilities grew into what would obviously become a business, I ventured into work that I thought would also appeal to the masses. I suffered, my creativity suffered, and my business suffered. Thank goodness having the attention span of a gnat brought me quickly back to the style that is mine today. I realized that no one artist could appeal to every taste and that you could only be successful in the art world when you nurture what is your passion.

I've always been intrigued by the old, the vintage, and am drawn to give them a place in my work that will offer them an opportunity to remain useful for yet another generation. It is the use of these old greats that makes much of my work unique and one of a kind. I never look at any object without trying to envision it in my work, be it a lovely old piece of china, a beautiful vintage earring, or a plumbing fitting at the local hardware store! And because I see potential in just about everything, I have amassed more ‘things' than I will ever use in this lifetime...but I'm like Mary Kate: "I need my things about me!" (You'll only get this reference if your husband is a John Wayne fan!)

Trick~or~Treat  Asymmetrical ~ Out of My Mind EarringsInspiration...I would like to say something profound about having been inspired by the heavenly sunrises or by the majestic peaks and secret valleys of my surroundings...but I'm not! I am humbled and comforted by my stunningly beautiful surroundings, but inspiration is usually found by fumbling with, and digging through, the vast collection of my ‘things'. On days when I don't feel particularly creative, you can find me rummaging through drawers and baskets filled with beads and jewelry, china plates and broken figurines, until one little article opens the flood gates of, yet again, too many thoughts and ideas to harness! It's an exciting process that continues to remain a mystery to me!

A single bead, or a twist in a piece of wire can be an exciting trip to parts unknown, with a destination even I can't predict until it has come to completion. I read an article once by a mosaic artist who was insulted by someone's statement that a mosaic piece was much like putting a puzzle together. Her artwork was the result of careful and meticulous planning and design. Oh! Shoot me now! I knew from that moment that I would always be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants artist and would be led by the piece in hand, rather than trying to lead the piece! I live to create, whether it's a mosaic piece or a piece of jewelry, a flower garden or cooking dinner. And I'm successful only if you see the joy and laughter and whimsy in my work!

Take Me to the Edge ~ Out of My Mind Collage NecklaceAside from using some wonderful wire wrapping tutorials from Eni Oken, I am self-taught in my work with tips and techniques picked up from magazines and books, and lots of trials and errors. To my delight, I've come to know a number of fellow artisans who, like me, love to share and discuss anything from technique to supplies, business to pleasure, and the woes and joys of being an artist. During the past ten years, it has been my privilege to share what I've learned with new and upcoming artists and with those who are simply curious about the process. I'm not one to claim to have invented the wheel when it comes to my artwork! Nor, do I claim to be the first or only artist to use a particular technique or design. Mosaics and jewelry were around long before my arrival, and I believe that we, as artists, only add our minute twists to what have been tried and true techniques for thousands of is this that places our signature on our work.

Sweet Sherbert ~ Out of My Mind NecklaceAs an artist, I feel there are no greater compliments than those I receive from my customers. I never fail to be touched by your words of praise and appreciation, and I am inspired to create by your enthusiasm...inspired to go screeching to the outer edge...inspired to continue doing what I love!

This has been an incredible journey that continues to excite, intrigue, and inspire me. None of which would be possible without the unfaltering support of my husband and our children, and my sister, Glenda...all of whom believe that I can do anything!

Terry O'Halloran of Out of My Mind ~Mosaics Jewelry


Sterling Silver Turquoise Bracelet Hi, my name is Agata. I live in Simi Valley California next to Los Angeles with my husband, two sons and two dogs. I am Polish. I was born and lived for half of my life in Warsaw, Poland. Then I moved to California. I always travel back to Europe when I have a chance.

Sterling Silver Aventurine Amazonite  Aquamarine  Opal  and Freshwater Pearls Handmade NecklaceAs I remember, I was always creative in many areas. I love art, music, fashion and photography. When I was young, I could sit for hours and draw, paint and make sculptures from clay. I was never bored because I had so many ideas. Later, as a teenager, I still painted and drew but my creativity evolved into designing interiors, photography, making my own clothes, hair and jewelry.

It was hard for me to decide what area of my creativity was the strongest in which to pursue a career, so I earned a degree in Interior Design, and then decided to do it all. I opened my interior design and decorative painting company, and soon after, Agata's Design jewelry company was born.

I love what I do. Creativity is in me. I observe things wherever I am and whatever I am doing. I travel a lot; so different cultures and architecture give me ideas. Even a walk to the park or just gardening in the back yard gives me ideas for textures and colors.

Olive Jade Freshwater Pearls Sterling Silver BraceletIn the beginning, my jewelry was made of glass, or wooden beads and metal elements. Then I fell in love with pearls and precious stones. When I go to my supplier or to a bead show, I feel like a child in a candy store. I love the colors and textures of the stones. I am always excited.

Ideas for my jewelry come from my observations of the world, from the stones or beads themselves, or I just wake up with an idea for a piece of jewelry. Sometimes, when I plan a piece of jewelry, unexpected ideas change the piece.

Sterling Silver Red Carnelian Orange Yellow Chalcedony Citrine Stones and Swarovski Crystal EarringsI love the challenge, I love to explore, and I feel increasingly more comfortable with making jewelry. I am constantly working to improve my techniques. My passion for making jewelry gives me joy when I hear people say they love my work.

My focus is to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry that people will love wearing as much as I love creating them. Good quality and excellent customer service is very important to me. I love custom orders. I joined Ruby Lane a couple months ago, so I am new. Ruby Lane brings together so many talented and creative people. I love this place. Everyone can find something beautiful and unique here. I hope I will grow here and many people will be interested in my work.

So, please stop by and see my shop, Agata's Design, and maybe you will find something you will like. Thank You! Agata Dziwulski


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  • Oct. 1: Indianapolis, IN - Rings & Things Wholesale Bead Show, Ramada Inn, Ballrooms A and B, 7701 E. 42nd St.

  • Oct. 6-8: Costa Mesa, CA - Gem Faire, Orange County Fairgrounds, Bldg. 12

  • Oct. 7-8: Jacksonville, FL - The Bead Mercantile Show, Ramada Inn Mandarin, I-295 & San Jose Blvd.

  • Oct. 14: Grand Rapids, MI - West Michigan Bead Expo. DeVos Place, 303 Monroe Ave.

  • Oct. 14-15: Newark, DE - Intergalactic Bead Show, Delaware Technical & Community College - Stanton Campus 400 Stanton - Christiana Road

  • Oct. 14-15: Springfield, MO - 39th Annual Gem, Mineral, and Jewelry Show, 625 E. St. Louis St.

  • Oct. 20-22: Gaithersburg, MD - National Gem & Jewelry Shows, Montgomery County Agricultural Center, 16 Chestnut St.

  • Oct. 21-22: Des Moines, IA - 2006 Jewelry, Gem, Fossil, and Mineral Show. Iowa State Fairgrounds, E. 30th & University.

  • Oct. 21-22: Charleston, WV - Annual Jewelry, Gem, and Mineral Show. South Charleston Community Center, 601 Jefferson Rd.

  • Oct. 27-29: Cincinnati, OH - Fairfield Convention Center, Tori`s Station, 74 Donald Dr Fairfield, OH


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