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In recognition of October as National Breast Cancer Month, this month's issue of Creative Hands, The Pink Issue is dedicated to those individuals who have been affected by this disease. The fight against breast cancer continues, but through "awareness, education and empowerment" women can beat this disease.

We asked our Jewelry Artisan shop owners to answer this question, "What has breast cancer taught you?" Their responses listed below are informative, inspiring, and thought provoking.

Breast cancer has taught me that you must be a 'warrior' before you can be a survivor. Arm yourself with good friends and family, a positive attitude, and fortitude, and you can beat this disease. And, never stop dreaming of your future - dream large, happy, and in vivid color.

Carol Augustine
Warrior – Survivor – Dreamer
Ruby Lane Marketing

For more information on the fight against breast cancer visit, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month at


Spectacular Gold and Pink Hand Etched Tree of Life Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant NecklaceBreast Cancer has taught me that it can happen to anyone at anytime. It is not exclusive to age or lifestyle and you can never have the frame of mind that it happens to the "other" person. It has also taught me it that affects everyone around you. We have all had a relative, friend, co-worker or acquaintance that has been stricken and we are always surprised. Cynthia Valenzo of Designs With Attitude

Woven Oxidized Silver PendantBreast Cancer has taught me to cherish each moment I have with my children, and that women are stronger when they have the support of other women. Carole Axium of Carole Axium Designs

ALAMEDA STUDIO DESIGNS - Improbable Art - Polymer Clay and Brass NecklaceBreast cancer has taught me to never underestimate the power and determination of a woman. After watching my sister battle this disease (as well as the health care system), going through chemo, hair loss, debilitating fatigue, multiple surgeries, radiation and infection, I have enormous respect for the women who fight this disease everyday. It is up to all of us to continue to support the fight however we can, to be ever vigilant in monitoring our own health, and to remember that life is never as long as we want it to be, so make the most of every day. Jeanne McCullagh of Alameda Studio Designs

Red Creek jasper, oxidized sterling silver   leather necklaceEmbrace each day to the fullest. Keep close to those that love you. Cry if you need to, but stay strong and always stay positive. Bridget Fauser of Organikx

Pink Chalcedony and Cultured Pearls BraceletThat with education, early detection, family, prayer, love, and friends - women can survive this deadly disease. Talk to family and friends about an annual mammogram and monthly self-exams. Ask your Doctor, today! Regina Santerre of Sundancegems

Opalite briolette pink Lilies Designer Sterling Silver drop earringsBreast and other cancers are no longer a death sentence. The anguish and pain that cancer brings to peoples' lives is slowly being replaced with education, skill and love. A diagnosis of breast cancer need not mean, "the worst". Research, education and implementation of breakthrough findings have begun to tame the beast. A cancer diagnosis is now more like a major accident where timely treatment, effective dedicated care and rehabilitation, can return a person to her family with a renewed sense of the singular precious gift Life is. Look around you, Cancer survivors abound. Their courage and success enrich us all. Mar Barbee of Gem Bliss &tm; SweetWater Jewelry Designs

Sterling Silver and Pink Peruvian Opal dangly chandelier EarringsIt has taught me to tell my family and friends that I love them, to encourage them to have regular mammograms and to examine yourself as often as you can. See a doctor as soon as you suspect anything is not right. DON'T DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL HELP. I lost my best friend to breast cancer because she waited... and waited... and waited... I miss her every day. Don't let this happen to you! Mildred Denney of MilliJoolz

I am from Korea and breast cancer was a rare disease in Korea so I didn't have much exposure to until I came to US. I have been very impressed with how united we women are in fight against breast cancer and I wish God's blessings to all who are effected. Hee Soon of Sky


Sterling Silver Artisan Positivity Equals Prosperity Heart Shaped Leaf Inspirational RingHow the State of the World Can Inspire a Signature Jewelry Design

What influences the design of a certain piece of jewelry? Does the design reflect something that is very personal to the artist or can the artist be a free spirit and go with the flow and even surprise her/himself with the final outcome?

Many artisan designers/jewelers have a certain design genre that represents their individual and unique style—their pieces are as unique as their signature. You can see this with many internationally known designers as their pieces are sold worldwide.

While people are attracted to jewelry at first by its beauty, they also can connect and relate to jewelry at an emotional level. You have often heard that expression, "there was just something about that piece that I was drawn too". When one wears such a piece, there is a deeper and often more significant meaning for the individual.

For many months I spent countless hours thinking of the type of piece I wanted to design—it had to be a piece that was not only attractive but inspirational in that it would remind the wearer to focus on the beauty of life, living to your full potential and having a positive attitude.

The answer came from a higher source. One day I woke up with two words in my mind—positivity equals prosperity. Why these two words?

For the past several months I've spoken to so many people that have been affected by the current global crises. As well, every time I open the newspaper or watch the news, the words are so powerfully negative—recession, economic hardships, unemployment, foreclosures, depression, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Now for someone who practices positive affirmations everyday, who is upbeat, happy and always smiles (and no I don't live in Disneyland) I had enough of the daily negative reminders. We get it, we know!!

How we handle, react and accept things are keys to our emotional and spiritual well being. As well, our inner dialogue or self-talk is the key to how we handle and react to situations. Have you ever noticed that when you think of something that brings you joy, recall a happy event or think of a single word that is positive, you feel good and most likely have a smile on your face and calmness may come upon you?

Three of my favorite words are sunshine, blessings and positive. These words are spoken or thought of interchangeably everyday depending on the situation.

The world needs a shake-up to get out of this negative mind set. When you are positive you are prosperous in all areas of your life—relationships, health, work, emotions, etc. We cannot control what is happening in the world, but we certainly can take charge of our mind set and change the way we think, react and accept things in our lives. Being positive is a state of mind and the world needs to embrace a new way of thinking in order to change all the negative energy. You can dramatically improve the quality of your life especially your health.

I truly believe in my heart that these words positivity equals prosperity, are an inspiration from a higher source. I believe we can all find an inspiration in our hearts if we truly reach out, but also reflect within ourselves.

Being positive is a state of mind and the world needs to embrace a new way of thinking in order to bring about positive changes. When you are positive in your thought, attitude and actions you are prosperous in all areas of your life.

I wanted to capture in my design the essence of my thoughts that would uplift one's spirit, re-energize the psyche, change the inner dialogue and mind set so that when one wore this piece the words positivity equals prosperity would be their reminder to think, react, act positively, but most importantly to believe in themselves that they can make a positive difference in their lives by focusing on only the good.

What symbols would represent a union of these two words? There is a symbol in the world that reaches all cultures. Its meaning is universal, it knows no boundaries and it brings people together—the heart. The heart, as we all know, represents love. It also signifies compassion, graciousness, kindness, joy and is the core of our emotions. There are also expressions of the heart that we use when we want to amplify an endearment about or referring to someone—"giving heart", "heart of gold", "good hearted", "good hearted laugh".

The framework of my design was definitely centered on the heart, yet I wanted to incorporate within the heart something that reflected change—a new beginning. It had to be something that was naturally occurring and flowed harmoniously—it had to be the perfect balance, but most importantly, it had to be representative of nature.

Everything came full circle as I found the perfect symbol. This symbol represents birth, growth, maturity, change, new beginnings and freshness—a leaf. Leaves epitomize "new beginnings" with each new season as they start off as a bud and then "grow" and "change" as they reach "full maturity". From a historical perspective, leaves such as the four leaf clover or shamrock represent fame, wealth, abundance, happiness, good luck. For those that desire change, a leaf represents "turning over a new leaf".

Sterling Silver Artisan Positivity Equals Prosperity Heart Shaped Leaf Inspirational Pendant BroochThe heart shaped leaf epitomizes the grace and beauty of all that is symbolic of a heart and leaf. Call it the perfect union—a marriage made in heaven.

The leaf had still not come full circle since I had to find a way to embed the letter "P" within the leaf. Again, it had to be a natural part of the leaf, but also had to stand out. As I was sketching out various "P's", I finally hit the nail on the head. The straight line of the "P" is the primary vein in the center, while at the same time; the letter is raised to stand out.

It has now come full circle and I am so proud to "unveil" the Positivity=Prosperity Ring and Positivity=Prosperity Pendant/Brooch.

The journey for these two inspirational pieces of wearable art began with a thought, followed by a spiritual message. This vision was followed by numerous sketches, which my father, N. Gatter, an Artisan Jeweler, made into a reality. This dual collaboration has truly been a family affair. My father and I put our hearts and souls into these creations that we hope will bring as much joy to the wearer as it has to us in designing and making the positivity=prosperity jewelry.

When the ring or brooch are worn and as you carry about your daily activities, your inner dialogue, and mind set should reflect the new you - I am empowered for greatness. Today is a new day and nothing and no one is going to get in my way. I walk proudly and hold my head up high. I am positive, strong, energized and confident and can accomplish all. I will shoot for the stars since I am a shining star. I believe in myself. I speak, act and think positively.

These two symbolic pieces of jewelry are your reminder that you are living all facets of your life in a new direction—positively. The Positivity=Prosperity jewels are an expression of passion, a reflection of endurance to persevere through positive thinking......a new way of life.

Baya Gatter of Eternal Fine Jewels


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