Ruby Lane's Past Times Newsletter for August 2010

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  • Ruby Plaza Promotion: Sell for Only $9/mo. Through 2010!
  • Shop Spotlight: Welcome to D's Moments In Time Postcards & Collectibles
  • The Rich History of Sarah Coventry Jewelry
  • Shop Sampler: Pottery on Ruby Lane!


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Vintage Post Card Western Cowgirl with Pistol, Hat and Whip D. Hauth of D's Moments In Time offers a wide selection of vintage Postcards, Photographs, Greeting Cards, Cookbooks, Books, Victorian Die Cut Scraps, Hollywood~Shirley Temple, Candy Tins, Handkerchiefs, Collector Plates, China, Porcelain, Figurines, Jewelry and more.

Vintage Post Card Real Photo Tinted Four Edwardian Sweater Ladies On Ruby Lane since February 2004, D.says she feels that vintage collectibles help keep alive the memories of our loved ones and of the many years that have gone by. She tells of getting special enjoyment in finding and sharing lovely items from the past with others.

Vintage Post Card Birthday Greetings Children in Automobile with Forget-me-not Flowers Some examples of charming postcard memories in her shop include a Vintage Birthday Greetings Postcard of Children in Automobile with Forget-me-not Flowers ($8), a Real Photo Tinted Four Edwardian Sweater Ladies ($18), and the cutest Western Cowgirl Postcard with Pistol, Hat and Whip ($8), to name just a few of the over 800 postcards and over 1,000 items in her shop.

We invite you to visit D's Moments In Time Postcards Collectibles


Sarah Coventry Catalogue Book Spring 1976 The story of Sarah Coventry Jewelry is rather unique. By combining the right product with a unique marketing method, Sarah Coventry created a unique niche for itself in the post-World War II years. The Sarah Coventry story is as much of a marketing story as it is a jewelry story.

The C. H. Stuart Company had been a pioneer in direct selling. The family started out in the mid-19th century in the nursery business, selling fruit trees. Charles W. Stuart, the founder, actually marketed his goods under the names of several nurseries. This method of reaching and controlling new markets is still used by modern firms. Rather then bring out a new and improved version of your old product, a company will create a new brand identity with a new name. His son, C. H. Stuart, was a chemist and developed extracts and flavorings, which were marketed directly to the consumers. Their sales staff marketed china, silverware, housewares, and cosmetics directly to the consumer.

Lyman Stuart, grandson of the founder, was instrumental in the company's move into the jewelry business in 1949. Emmons Jewelry was founded in 1948 or 1949. Emmons was the maiden name of the founder's wife, and Emmons Nursery was one of the names the company had used for marketing. It is believed that Emmons Jewelry existed before the separate Sarah Coventry Company and line were started. The company name was based on that of Lyman's grand-daughter, Sarah Coventry Beale.

Both companies marketed their products
through home party marketing methods. Direct sales had grown during the Depression, as people were attracted by the low cost of starting in business for themselves. World War II had drawn many women into the workplace, with jobs that went back to the traditional male workers after the war. Direct sales gave many women the opportunity to produce income when other options disappeared. Tupperware, Avon, and Mary Kay Cosmetics are other examples of successful companies that mastered the art of direct sales in post-World War II America.

Rhinestone Belly Angel Fish Brooch Sarah Coventry Book Piece! Salesmen and marketing experts ran Sarah Coventry. The company sub-contracted all production to the many other manufacturing shops of the time. Rhode Island and the Newark area had lots of manufacturer's of jewelry, and it seems that Sarah Coventry favored the Rhode Island shops. The company was a pioneer in the early use of television advertising, with placement on all three networks. They were well known for their advertising and prizes on the 1950s era "Queen for a Day" show. They advertised on many other well-known programs, and also provided prizes for many local and regional beauty contests. The company was responsible for the Miss Universe crowns in the mid-1970s.

The jewelry was as well made as many of the better-known lines of costume jewelry at the time. It may have been made by some of the actual shops that made items for many other well-known lines. Sarah Coventry did stay abreast of styles, and had an eye for detail and
a feel for the market. At the height of their success, anecdotal comments indicate that over 30,000 pieces per day were produced or sold.

Over the years, different marks were used. SarahCov, SARAH, and Coventry were all used with copyright marks. SaC, SAC, and SC all saw use. Some later items were marked Sarah and Canada. The company also trademarked some terms used in advertising and promotional materials, including Lady Coventry, Lord Coventry, LC, Sarasheen, and Sarahglo.

Some pieces may be found in original branded packaging. The company produced many collection catalogs over the years, so many styles can be dated. Some later production appears to have used precious metals and genuine stones.

1954 Sarah Coventry Ruby Red Rope Pendant Necklace The 1970s were a turbulent time for the jewelry industry, and for the costume jewelry industry in particular. Changing styles, new overseas competition, new marketing channels, and changes in work patterns, especially those of women in the workplace, all eventually had an impact on Sarah Coventry. The Charles H. Stuart company began bankruptcy filings in 1981. The home parties ended in 1984, and a Canadian firm bought the rights to the Sarah Coventry name. It is unclear what assets, aside from the name, were acquired. Lifestyle Brands acquired Sarah Coventry in 1987, and home parties made a brief resurgence in 1993. In the early 21st century, some pieces were offered through the Home Shopping Network. Home parties were briefly revived in 2003. In 2006, the company
relocated to Florida, where it declared bankruptcy in early 2009.

Sarah Coventry captured the pulse of the America, not only with its styles, but also with its marketing.


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