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I am a long time collector ~ Quite honestly I started as a Young child. Ever met a 6 year old that got the biggest thrill of going to garage sales? Or better yet... HAVING THEM! I Enjoyed chatting with the browsing customers, seeing other kids eyes light up at 'new treasures' (my old toys!) and even making a few bucks! The excitement never left as I grew... then once I had my driver's license the world was my oyster! Well, the immediate world, as I explored antique shops local to my home. I've collected jewelry, tea cups, figurine's, dolls, furniture...you name it - I've collected it!

However, in the last decade I have really found my passion... CAMEOS and PORTRAIT MINIATURES! Something about the art of them - to admire a cameo and know the tremendous work and skill that went into each and every carving. Some are commissioned pieces of personal portraits.. others are scenes from Mythological tales... or perhaps carvings of a Religious nature. I found I appreciate all levels of quality. It's why I pride myself on offering pieces to suit all collector's taste's and budgets in my own shop. Every created cameo is a wearable work of art that someone will covet owning and passing along to future generations.

My first cameo was a simple piece I received as a gift...not even an antique, but rather one of the agate machine carved depictions of a mother and baby (I was a new mom at the time) :) Something within me awakened when I held the cameo... I began reading (obsessively I might add!), handling cameos at local fairs and shops, and eventually buying whatever struck a cord with me. My collection grew, as did my vast knowledge, as I spent any and all free time learning and absorbing facts and info about my new found love and "addiction" :-) Fascinating to educate myself on the subjects, setting styles, etc., which can help accurately date and tell the tale of these wonderful treasures.


Portrait miniatures are another passion of mine. Often rendered as a love token... a very personal and private painting, meant only for the receivers eyes to admire. To have ownership or as I refer to myself a 'caretaker' over such pieces is an incredible honor in my eyes. Miniatures were created for many different reasons - to celebrate an engagement, with portraits being exchanged between the future husband and bride to be. Others were painted to symbolize the passing of a child or other times to celebrate their life. I feel privileged to behold such pieces! I actually was introduced to them through one of my cameo clients. My first miniature was decorative of a little girl holding a basket of cherries. Such a sweet depiction that fired up that same passion I feel with my cameos.

I've been lucky to acquire a small collection of portrait cameos...which to me is the best of both worlds! This was quite popular during the 1930's-1940's while travelers visited Italy :)

Forming my collections over the years has been easy - I buy what I love! Some collector's look to collect from certain era's, subjects or motifs. I have a client that only purchases signed pieces and another that enjoys being totally spontaneous, purchasing only what speaks to her! It's truly a personal decision and one that can vary and change as your collection grows.

Having my shop on Ruby Lane has helped ....um...justify many purchases over the years ;-) I adore my collection and wish you the best of luck and much enjoyment in forming yours!

Joy Korzenko

Joy's Tiny Treasures

Joy's Tiny Treasures on Ruby Lane is run by Joy Korzenko and is located In Long Island, New York. Specializing in Antique and Vintage Cameos, I strive to offer A+ customer service, an Exciting selection of items for every collector's taste's and pricing to suit all budgets :) Layaways are encouraged so please do come browse~ Open 24-7 for your shopping convenience!


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