The Road Back to Ruby Lane

The road to Ruby Lane called me back and I am glad that it did.

A few years ago I opened a shop here on Ruby Lane which I really enjoyed, however, when the bottom dropped out of Antique and Collectible sales I found myself having to close my selling venues for the obvious reason. Money. My overhead expenses outweighed my profit. Ruby Lane was the last place that I closed and I did so reluctantly since I not only enjoyed the site but also the interaction with people from all sorts of life.

During the time I was away, I often checked Ruby Lane shops, sometimes leaving in quite a melancholy mood inasmuch as I missed having the responsibility of a “shop” where one visited daily, always hoping for at least one or two purchases. I liked the idea of having to think about shop promotions and being part of a selling community. I also found I truly missed the “search.” For the last couple of years I continued to go to the estate sales. Once there I found I had to convince myself I should not buy because I was no longer in the resale business. Any of you who have experienced that feeling knows how difficult that can be since a large part of the thrill is finding a neat item and then selling it. It gets in your blood and if you walk away from the sale with nothing you feel deflated.

So a few months ago when I saw the opportunity to return, after doing some research, I reopened my shop. As I traveled down the path of research I became even more convinced that Ruby Lane is offering a great opportunity to its shop keepers. They continue to keep up-to-date in the ever changing climate of selling vintage items. I noted the addition of helpful tutorials, as well as many forums on selling successfully. The lanes and categories have changed significantly. The owners are committed to keeping their fees reasonable and remain extremely helpful to both the seasoned as well as the new shop owners. In my opinion, this is what is making the site a success. It is my hope that I will enjoy some of that success as well. I look forward to working with everyone again.

Marilyn Wright

The Wright Treasure

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