The World at my Fingertips

This morning I had a chat with Mike whose family owns a jewelry distribution warehouse. Closed in the early 70s, they’ve received no inventory for 40 years, but have thousands of new old stock pieces. He has had Miriam Haskell, ART, Juliana, Karu-Arke, Florenza, Coro, and many more signed and unsigned beauties. This morning we were discussing a lovely Jonathan Bailey for Trifari bracelet—new, with original hang tag—a rare find for sure. Last year there was a flood at the warehouse and he bemoaned the terrible damage and clean up required. Mike had some heart problems a couple years ago and we talk about health issues, diet and exercise, family and travel—all through email. I have been a loyal customer and friend of Mike’s for years—ever since the first time I won one of his auctions on eBay. Oh, did I mention I have never actually met Mike who lives in Chicago?

At Christmas I received the nicest gift from my friend, Iris. Her husband is a record producer and she sent two wonderful CDs—Oldies, because after all I am an Oldie myself and a great disk of love songs that I used as background music for my son’s wedding shower. We giggle and ogle beautiful big and bold necklaces, our favorite pieces, and oh did I mention that Iris, one of our first customers at Cinsababe’s on Ruby Lane, lives in France and I have never met her?

Nivine is such a do-gooder! Along with being a great teacher who is adored by her students, she spends her spare time visiting hospital patients and takes along little wrapped gifts. As we travel I collect initials, birds, bugs, flowers and butterfly pins, saving them up for her. I always make sure I have little gift boxes and bags to send since they aren’t available where she lives in Australia. Yep, I’ve never met her either. But we have been friends since she became a customer on Ruby Plaza—buying 40 brooches the first month we opened our shop, Quindy’s.

Julie travels the USA in her van buying huge estates of jewelry and selling them locally before she moves on to the next town. I never know where her travels have her, but I am never out of touch ever since we met and exchanged cards at a flea market in Colorado last summer.

Linda and I only know each other from blog posts, Facebook postings on the Ruby Lane page and the fun we have creating Kaboodle style boards—but she too is a part of my ever expanding world.

Another customer turned friend, Jaqueline, let me know that she is fervently praying for Cowboy Rick’s cancer and Rick’s co-workers keep up to date on surgery and treatment on Facebook. I know everything that is happening in my grown kids’ lives even though I am 2,000 miles away and I talk to my daughter Debi about her shop on Ruby Plaza and the jewelry she is finding two or three times every day. I can watch my nephew play softball on You Tube and play Catan online late into the evening with my brother.

Sitting at my desk this morning I marveled at how amazing life is today. I truly have instant access to the whole world—right from my living room. And while that access provides me with the venue to sell my jewelry supplementing my income, I realize that even more important is how much richer my life is because Mike and Iris and Jackie and Julie and Nivine and so many others are a part of it.

Living full-time and working from our RV creates distance and isolation from friends and family. My computer and cell phone are so much more than tools to use in our Ruby Lane and Plaza shops, they are my connection to the world.

I encourage you to not only use all of the tools and websites available to advance your business but to enhance your life. Chat with your customers, log on to Skype so you can talk face to face, comment on Facebook posts, create Kaboodle style boards, talk to the vendors at your local flea market and let them know what you do, encourage them to visit your site. It isn’t hard and it is so rewarding to personally connect with the world at your fingertips.

Cindy Brown of Cinsababe’s on Ruby Lane and Quindy’s on Ruby Plaza

Cinsababe's on Ruby Lane
Quindy's on Ruby Plaza

Cindy and her husband, Cowboy Rick, travel and work full-time in their RV, enjoying the adventures found around every bend.

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