The Magic of Pinterest: It Nearly Tripled My Shop's Traffic

I am not the first to blog about this nor will I or should I be the last. If you aren't actively using Pinterest you aught to start taking it seriously. Pinterest is for us!

What is Pinterest? In their own words 'Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love' and that is essentially what it is, with the added bonus that you can follow and be followed by people with similar interests and even cooperate in things called group boards where multiple people of the same interest pin together.

Despite how many businesses are actively marketing via Facebook the truth remains that it is very difficult to target the correct audience. In addition many find it terribly invasive or just irritating when business people or business's pages try to reach out to them. It isn't that they aren't interested in what that company does, the issue is that for many people Facebook is a social outlet. It is primarily there to keep in touch and share personal information be it comments or photos with friends. No matter how much businesses try to impose themselves that has not changed.

The majority of people interacting on Pinterest on the other hand, do not know each other personally nor ever will. They group as 'friends' or more correctly followers based on similar interests. Pinterest is filled with decorators, collectors, people planning a home make over and so on and they are actively looking for great items!

I personally got started on Pinterest just over four months ago. Being the youngster I am, I feel compelled to check out the new social networking fads. Most of them I stop using immediately (once I can see they are not going to enhance my life or business). Pinterest was different from the get go. I have been enjoying it tremendously.

Before I even realized how much of a positive impact Pinterest was having on my store's traffic, I realized that Pinterest is amazing for research and authentication of many of the items I am dealing in regularly. One can now have a visual resource of 100s or even 1000s of examples of Victorian jewelry, talk about way easier then wiping out a decade of Millers guides. Another obvious benefit was archiving, I am for example a big buyer and seller of rare Royal Doulton and I am now able to have a board filled with every auction result for Royal Doulton pieces for the last five years. Ebay clears it's results every sixty days so this has been wonderful. I also found I was able to follow many specialist dealers from around the world and use their boards and pins as resources as well. Lastly I can access my Pinterest boards anywhere, anytime, unlike my physical books or even my desktop picture archives. Fantastic right?

All of that would have been reason enough for me to be actively using Pinterest, then I realized that I suddenly had quite a following of folk (at the time of this writing I have just under 6500) actively re-pinning my items so much so that some of my store items have been Pinned over 80 times each! Thanks to our awesome Ruby Lane marketing team, people can both easily pin items from our stores with just a single click and we the store owners are able to see how many times an item has been pinned. My items are showing up a lot higher in Google picture searches too and overall my store traffic has close to tripled!

Reasons enough to start taking Pinterest seriously?

Those not yet aware, the members of the Ruby Lane marketing team are active Pinners. If you are on Pinterest and a Ruby Lane store owner, ask them to invite you to their group board where you can pin your weekly best finds.

In my next blog I will try to explain some of the ways to successfully use Pinterest, after all we are all part of the Ruby Lane family and the more top quality pins from Ruby Lane being actively re-pinned the more real traffic reaches all of us.

With Ruby Lane's launch of the beautiful new site, it really is time to start making the magic of Pinterest work for you!

If you would like me to be following your boards or have specific questions please feel free to email me at

Dylan Shub of The Gryphon's Nest

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