The Value of a Ruby Lane Customer Registry

Many years ago, when I was a cosmetics sales lady in a major department store, I learned the value of a comprehensive customer registry. It was a very handy tool for successful selling. Put simply, a customer registry is a database of the names of all your customers, their email addresses and phone numbers, and the items they have asked about or purchased.

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The High Cost of Selling on Ebay

I sell on multiple online venues and brick and mortar locations. In the antiques and collectibles market customers making offers is common and expected. Sometimes I can be accommodating but with the high costs involved with selling on ebay I find myself having to turn down more low offers than I can accept. Unless you sell on ebay I don't think customers realize the cost involved. Other venues like Ruby Lane I am more likely to be able to accept a lower offer due to the lower costs involved with selling on Ruby Lane.

Ruby Lane - My Super Hero

When I think of Ruby Lane right now I picture a big RL hero with a cape on flying in to the rescue. It sounds pretty silly but actually it rescued me from a difficult situation.

Just recently I was enjoying a beautiful spring day when the phone rang. It was my son asking me to come to the hospital for an emergency. The next thing I knew my daughter-in-law was on a medical air flight and I was in a car driving to the Mayo hospital 900 miles away.

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My Best Antique and Vintage Reference Resource

In the world of antiques and online selling, it is impossible to know everything about everything. Even if you do learn everything about something, times change, trends change and for me, I have trouble retaining information. So it is critical to have really good reference resources.

I have hundreds of books, mostly on glass. I subscribe to several print publications and online reference sites that focus on glass from various eras. Still there is so much that I don't know, or don't have the correct reference materials so that I can learn.

Hollywood Fashion: Scarlett's Dresses

I'm simply fascinated with Hollywood's Golden Age. I think most of us were introduced to fashion through the movies and no other medium can boast their impact on how we've dressed since the 1920s. We all have our favorite movie we can watch over and over and the one that tops my list is 1939's Gone With The Wind.

The Customer Most Definitely, Isn't Always Right!

An alarm bell sounded in the back of my mind when her purchase order came in: didn’t I recognize that name? Why was I feeling uneasy? After all, here was another sale. I should be happy ...

Building Reciprocal Links through your Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza shops Favorite Links Page

The ‘Favorite Links' section of your Ruby Lane or Ruby Plaza shop is an important component to selling successfully online. Utilizing high quality, reciprocal links is one way to increase the rating of an individual web page in Google and other search engines. Your shop rating influences the rank of your shop in a search result for important keywords relevant to your shops content – the type of items you sell. The higher your page rank, the greater the visibility of your website at the top of a search result.

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