Open A Ruby Lane Shop – $75 Set-Up Fee Waived Through October 15!

For many, the number 13 conjures-up images of bad luck. Few buildings acknowledge they have a 13th floor, and many superstitious people stay locked in their houses on Friday the 13th. But all of us at Ruby Lane are excited to celebrate our 13th year in business. And August is the official month we opened, so we decided to offer a special promotion to sellers who want to join us during this period.

Special Promotion – Set-Up Fee Waived!

Ruby Lane Blog Talk Radio Interview with Jacquelyn Babush

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Edward from Jewelry Camp

Shipper Beware

I recently had a customer who insisted that her package be sent UPS Ground. Apparently the Post Office lost one of her packages and she wasn't taking any chances. I tried to explain to her that it would be cheaper and get to her faster if we used flat rate boxes, which are considered Priority Mail, and that since it was glassware she was purchasing, it would be a good idea to get it there sooner, rather than later, but she insisted.

Ruby Lane Radio: Shop Owner Dale King Talks About her Ruby Lane Shop

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A Customer Survey Brings About Change

With the recent increase in first class package mailing rates, Cowboy Rick and I decided to survey our customers to ask their opinions on shipping policies and costs. The results were surprising and led to some major changes in our shops.

The survey went out to our 200 repeat and regular customers. We offered a significant discount in our shops if they replied. About 30 customers replied to the survey and took advantage of the promotion. The information we received in return was priceless.

Sailing Through Summer

When you’re a kid you can’t wait for summer. Sleeping in, days of long light, catching a wave at the beach, ice cream trucks to rush out to. When you’re a on line shop owner your still sleeping in, only now it’s to avoid turning on your computer. Those days of light turn into the long journey till Fall and coming up with creative ways to fill your formally busy working hours. Catching a wave might would be nice. Catching a break would be better.

5 Reasons to Guest Blog

Guest blogging can be an exciting way to promote your business online if you know what you are doing. Indeed there are many advantages that are associated with guest blogging and in this article I will be speaking about 5 interesting ways that your business can benefit from this activity.

Reputation Building

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