Do You Have an Emergency Business Management Plan?

Computer issues have prevented me from accessing my Ruby Lane shop three separate times this year. The first time, I thought I would have a stroke! I couldn’t bear to think that I would be unable to answer my customers’ questions and handle transactions. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Internet access at my town’s public library is free if you have a library card! This option gives me a back-up plan to manage my Ruby Lane shop in emergencies.

Expressing Gratitude To My Customers

I'd like to chat, a bit, about expressing gratitude to my customers. It's easy to show my regulars appreciation. If they come in and I'm particularly busy, a good deal and a wave of the hand is fine. They'll be back when it's quieter, and then we can blab.

The Willow Pattern: These Lovers Flew Away

From our Hub Pages -

Trembling with fear, the young girl pressed closer into the protective circle of Chang's arms, as the thunderous battering against the door echoed around the inside of the gardener's cottage in which the young lovers had sought refuge. The terrible knowledge of the dreadful fate which awaited them both, if they failed to make their escape, rendered them momentarily frozen into inaction...

Thinking of Opening a Shop on Ruby Lane? There is No Better Time than Now!

Recently, Ruby Lane made a fabulous offer: sign up for a Ruby Lane shop by October 15 and you won’t have to pay the usual $75 set-up fee. Well, let me tell you as a 3-year “veteran” at Ruby Lane, there’s no better time to join than right now ... and here’s why:

So, You Think You Wanna Sell Online?

We travel frequently, and are always meeting new friends. Many of them have approached me about selling online– it seems so effortless and so easy ... just have a widget, take a picture of it, put it on an online selling site ... then sit back and wait for someone to buy it.

"It’s simple, right? Tell me what you think! Should I sell online?" Here are some things I recommend they ask themselves when trying to decide if selling online is right for them: What will you sell?

Shop Owners - Join Us on The Vintage Village Forums

Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Shop Owners - Come join us and chat on the Vintage Village – A great place to promote your Ruby Lane and/or Ruby Plaza Shop, give and get tips for selling, share with other Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza shop owners and more. Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza are there actively offering tips and answering questions. There are currently over 80 members in the Ruby Lane group, and 77 in the Ruby Plaza group - and the numbers are growing every day.

From Experience - Comparing Shipping and Insurance Carriers

The recent Postal strike in Canada had me seeking an alternative method of shipping to the Province of the buyer. My first thought was United Parcel Service aka UPS.

The jewelry item purchased was small, weighing about an ounce, and it would be shipped in a bubble mailer. I contacted a UPS “store” to get the particulars of shipping UPS and was surprised at the information received.

Ruby Lane Radio Interview with Gaylynn Sneed

Listen to this show now:

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