Update Regarding Ruby Lane Site Cloud Migration

Hi Everyone:

While yesterday's move to the Clouds went relatively smoothly, we are still experiencing some hiccups that we are working to resolve. You have likely noticed slow page loading, and some internal pages that are unstable. Our tech team is working round the clock to get these issues fixed.

Attn Ruby Lane Shops - Important Site Upgrade and Downtime Planned for Wednesday, November 2nd

As most of you know, Ruby Lane is in the process of conducting several important site updates for both Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza. These updates are designed to take both sites into what is called “Cloud Technology”. This technology will allow for increased security of the site, will increase speed and data processing efficiency and pave the way for us to host more new exciting tools and features on the site.

Important Updates on the Ruby Lane Site Upgrade

Hi Everyone:

We want to give everyone, both buyers and shops more detailed information regarding Friday's site updates. Below are the current site issues:

1. Strange characters in item descriptions, especially numbers: We are aware of this problem and will have it corrected by end of day tomorrow, November 1st.

Ruby Lane/ Ruby Plaza Upgrade Update – Image Issues

The Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza upgrade went well for the most part this morning.

Currently however, some of the images on the site are being managed and will be restored as soon as possible. The Ruby Lane Tech Team is working on this issue.

Updates will be available via Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Facebook Pages and on Twitter so stop by for the latest information.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The Ruby Lane Team

Ruby Lane/ Ruby Plaza Upgrading Web Server Software – Site Down-time Expected

Just a heads up that Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza will undergo an upgrade to our web server software - Friday, October 28, 2011, from 5am – 8am Pacific Standard Time.

During the upgrade, parts of the site may be unavailable. Of course we'll do our best to minimize the down-time and any impact on shop owners and shoppers.

Facebook Users: 3 Days Left to Take Advantage of RubyLane.com Anniversary Promotion

Facebook users only have 3 days left to setup a Ruby Lane shop and receive the Lucky Number 13 Anniversary promotion.

It's simple - new shop owners, who open their Ruby Lane shop using their Facebook login, will not be charged the traditional set-up fee (a $75 savings), and will receive a $50 shop credit after selling on the site for three months. While new shops still must meet Ruby Lane guidelines, request to open by Friday, October 28th, and be approved - there is no better time to open a shop!

Moving from New York to South Carolina - Ruby Lane Shop and all

Well, I never thought I'd leave Long Island, New York, but come mid-October that's exactly what my family and I plan to do!  We are relocating to the wonderful, friendly state of South Carolina... Not that my fellow NYer's aren't friendly, don't get me wrong, but on our recent visits down south, it's rare to see someone that's not smiling or offering a wave and a "Hello!"

Enlist Customer Support For Going Green

As a Scrounge of the Highest Order I am always on the hunt for packing boxes and other shipping materials I can reuse. I drag bags of foam and bubble wrap from the local bookstore and pounce on grocery shelf stockers before they can destroy cardboard boxes they've emptied. I unfold and press wrapping paper from my own purchases.

Facebook Users - Open A Shop Promotion Extended - Receive A $50 Credit After 3 Months!

Facebook users hoping to setup a Ruby Lane shop and receive the Lucky Number 13 Anniversary promotion, received a welcome extension today.

The response to the Lucky Number 13 Anniversary promotion has been so fantastic that we extended the offer an extra 13 days to ensure that everyone who wanted to take advantage of the promotion had a few extra days to do so.

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