ECommerce: Phone Numbers Can Be Important

All shops at Ruby Lane must register with a Member phone number and address, which is privately stored in your Ruby Lane member account (accessible through My Account). But the public phone number and/or address fields in their shop may be set to, 'Please use email' or the like.

The Joy of Online Selling

I love what I do. Absolutely love it. I've always told my children I didn't care if they were a lawyer or flipping burgers, as long as they go to work with a smile on their face.

Rinker's Opinion - Why The Popularity of Vintage Kitchenware?

What is the most popular room in the house? It is not even a contest. The kitchen is the indisputable winner. Household memories begin with kitchen memories. Suzi Milovanovic’s “Kitchen: Most popular room in the house?” in the June 9, 2009 Parenting notes: “In the days before electricity and piped natural gas, family kitchens in modestly sized homes were large and very simple.

Green Listing Day is Friday, February 17th, 2012

We are pleased to announce another Green Listing Day! During this promotion all items newly-listed on the site will only be charged 10 cents instead of the regular 30 cent Listing Fee. Ruby Lane will contribute 100% of the fees received on Green Listing Day to the World Wildlife Fund which was voted on by you, the shop owner to receive the donation.

Sellers Rank Ruby Lane #2 Site to Sell On and #1 in Customer Service and Communications

Yesterday, eCommerceBytes.com (formerly AuctionBytes.com), an independent trade publication for online merchants, released its 2012 Seller’s Choice Marketplace Ratings. Ruby Lane ranked as the number two online marketplace to sell on.

When Two Buyers Want the Same Item At the Same Time - What Would You Do?

This doesn’t happen often ... thank heavens ... but when it does, it sure can become complicated, even unpleasant. And that’s what happened with us recently when 2 buyers wanted the same item at the same time, but we didn’t know that and neither did they!

Pinterest - Be Sure To "Share the Love"

Pinterest appears to be the ultimate marketing tool at first glance. Everything you pin has the potential to be repinned by your friends, and their friends, and their friends etc until someone, somewhere along the line might follow the pin to your shop and make a purchase. With the right keywords in the little comment box it also has the potential to be found and shared by random strangers as they search for "Victorian Decor" "Art Deco" and other specific keywords.

ECommerceBytes 3rd Annual Sellers Choice Awards Official Survey Now Open for Voting

A big thank you to all the Ruby Lane shop owners who nominated Ruby Lane for ECommerceBytes (formerly AuctionBytes) 3rd Annual Sellers Choice Awards Official 2012 Survey. Ruby Lane had enough votes to secure one of the 16 online marketplace slots in the prestigious ECommerceBytes survey.

Video: Shop Ruby Lane - Skip the January Weather and Traffic

After the Holidays

So now that the holidays are over, what do you do with your inventory?

1. This is the time to do markdowns

2. Have a blow-out sale

3. Take your excess to the flea market

4. Do a give-a-way

5. Promote your sales all over the web

6. Give some away as gifts to your customers

7. Do a garage sale

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