Customer Service Tips from Ruby Lane Shops

Good customer service is a cornerstone of any successful business. And it’s affordable! If you’re looking for new ideas to improve your customer service, read on for tips suggested by Ruby Lane shops, many of whom have years of online sales success:

Emmie's Antique Doll Castle

Riddle For Passwords

I am individual, identifiable, inert and invisible, while at the same time impartial, imperative, and immensely important.

But I am not impervious to improper imposture if inadequate or imprudent.

What am I?


Keyword Spamming: Are You Doing It Without Knowing It?

The subject of keyword spamming comes up on a regular basis. This is usually a result of either a misunderstanding of what keyword spamming is or a deliberate misuse of keywords. Most Internet e-commerce sites frown on the inappropriate use of keywords or spamming. Even experienced, long-time Internet shop owners have been known to ignore the unwritten rule against the use of inappropriate keywords in their titles and categories.

Dealing With The Dissatisfied Customer

Without a doubt, working with someone who is difficult can be mentally draining and stressful. Anyone who has held a job, any job, is certain to have more than one story about an unreasonable, angry or demanding person in the workplace, be it a boss, co-worker, employee or customer.

Packing A Punch: Star Quality Packing Tips

Can you remember a singular Christmas season or an approaching birthday as a child when you were convinced that one gaily wrapped present in particular held the ultimate object of your desire? The size of the gift box was right, you'd picked it up and held it, perhaps had even given it a little shake, and the weight was right. Something G.I. Joe-ish or Barbie-like had shifted inside.

The Importance of Good Photos

Providing good, clear photos of an item Is an important aspect of selling on-line. Some of the most common photo errors and omissions that we see in online site listings again and again, are these:

Tips for Handling Problem Transactions

While Internet commerce is indeed maturing, it's still a relatively new means of selling goods to the public. And if you've been selling online for a while, by now you are undoubtedly well aware that no matter how much pre-planning you do, there's always that next transaction you didn't plan for. It could be a customer with an unusual request or special order.

Tips and Resources For Developing A Business Plan

We have put together a list of tips and tools that will help you develop a business plan, along with links to additional articles, as well as a plethora of samples of real-life, well-executed business plans.

Why Write A Business Plan?

Taking Stock: Tips for Good Inventory Management

Careful inventory management will greatly reduce the chance a customer will leave your Internet shop disappointed. All too frequently customers are told after placing a purchase order for an item, that the item can’t be found, and the goods cannot be delivered. Poor record keeping and bad storage habits are usually the problem.

Selling Online: A Reality Checklist

You have decided to turn your passion for collecting or jewelry making into a money making venture. Great! Your thoughts are, "If I open up a small shop online in a well-known and respected online mall, and I fill it with the things I love to collect or create myself, the visitors will magically come knocking on my virtual door, the money will flow and life will be good." Nothing to it, right?

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