Thoughts for the Day: Don't Flame

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share: Avoid Flaming! 

A ‘flame’ is any e-mail that’s inflammatory (hence the name). Flames are most often the result of unbridled anger.

Thoughts for the Day: Word Choice

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share: Word Choice

Using weak words or including unnecessary words to fluff up your sentences can dilute the impact of your message. Try to choose descriptive words that really say what you mean.

Rinker On Collectibles: More Questions and Answers

QUESTION: My father traveled to and from Britain in the early 1960s. He was a passenger on the plane when the Beatles first traveled to America. I have two publications signed by all four Beatles. The first is Beatles in Paris / Boyfriend Photonews Extra!, a 16-page, black and white newsprint publication. The second is "Fabulous" Goes All Beatles: John, Paul, George, Ringo, Plus Cilla, 16 pages featuring 11 king-size color pin-ups. I saw an Antiques Roadshow episode suggesting these pieces with all four Beatles signatures have far more value than just a memory of my Dad?s traveling.

Thoughts for the Day: First Impressions Count

Ruby Lane Customer 'Care & Share' Column

Investing in customer loyalty takes place heavily at the beginning of a
new customer relationship and diminishes quite dramatically as the
relationship between you and your customer cements and matures into

Thoughts for the Day: Minimizing Misunderstandings

Ruby Lane Customer 'Care & Share' Column

In business, the last thing you want to do is inadvertently alienate a customer or a colleague. Unfortunately, email is a medium where unintended alienation can easily happen, without your even realizing what's going on. Here are some suggestions to help you minimize misunderstandings when you send emails to your customers and colleagues:

Intimidated By Links and How to Build Them? A Step-By-Step Guide

Utilizing high quality, reciprocal links is one important way to increase the rating of an individual web page in Google and other search engines. Your sites rating influences the rank of your site in a search result for important keywords relevant to your sites contents– the type of items you sell. The higher your page rank, the greater the visibility of your website at the top of a search result.

10 More Fallacies of Selling Online

Back in January we did an article entitled, “The Top 10 Fallacies of Selling Online”. The following is a list of 10 more fallacies that we see as important to understand if you’re selling online or considering selling online. At the end, we invite you to add your comments on what you’ve learned from selling online:

1. I’m so small that I simply can’t afford to accept returns:

Latest Scam Twist: When The Scammer Threatens Legal Action!

The following is the latest scam example we received from a Ruby Lane shop owner. In this instance the scammer actually threatens legal action if the shop owner does not cash the check and complete the transaction. One can also see from the correspondence that the amount due for the item was much less than the amount of the check that was sent which is the common key to this type of scam.

The Importance of Professional-Looking Business Logos by Ruby Lane Shop Jantiques

I am a shop owner on Ruby Lane. My shop is called Jantiques. I am also a graphic designer, in business for over 30 years. I have been perusing other shops on the Lane, and am amazed at all of the unique and fascinating items being offered by shopkeepers here. What amazes me even more, though, is the lack of professionally designed store identities!

Tips For Working From Home

The phone rings and before you can get through the hello, your computer crashes, your dog starts barking, the doorbell chimes and your 15-year-old daughter rushes into the room in crisis mode - a classmate has purchased the same prom dress and she wants you to take her to the mall NOW or her life will be ruined.

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