Thoughts for the Day: Words - Trim the Fat Exercise

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share: Don't use unnecessary words.

Using unnecessary words is a major obstacle to email efficiency.

Thoughts for the Day: Emails - Anyone's Business

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share:  Think POSTCARD

Unseemly Reflections in Your Item Photos

Supplying images that are blurry or too distant from an item can definitely affect a shop’s sales. But so can offering unseemly views of an uncomplimentary pose or portion of the picture taker’s anatomy that reflect from the polished surface of an item. Sometimes very clear, up-close graphic images can be accidentally included in reflections.

Thoughts for the Day: Backtracking

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share: Use Keywords

When writing emails, people choose specific words and phrases that they think are great ways to describe the situation or that they have a predilection for using. The skill of backtracking key words requires you to pick up on the key words that the other person is using. Then, you repeat back some of the key words or phrases.

What do you think are the most important words and phrases in the following email?

Dear Esther,

Thoughts for the Day: Be Careful of Message Tone

Ruby Lane Customer Care  & Share: Be Friendly & Courteous

Thoughts for the Day: Don't Use $10 Words

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share:  Use $5 Words

Avoid using fancy words that draw attention to themselves and away from the meaning you're trying to get across in your message. By changing $10 words to $5 words, you get a message that is simpler and more direct. For example:

A Cheer for Our Customers

There are days when nothing goes right. The pictures turn out fuzzy, the listings seem uninspired. Why, you wonder, did I get myself into this?

Checklist: Preparing Your Online Shop for the Holidays

It’s July and the holiday season is months away. According to the experts, the online shopping season for e-commerce businesses officially begins in October. However we also know that many veteran shop owners start planning for the winter selling season in early July. In fact, many are planning all year long. Why?

Thoughts for the Day: Watch Your Tone!

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share: Watch Your Tone!

The tone of your message is the mood that your message conveys to the reader. In a message to a friend, the tone of your e-mail may be informal, light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, or comical. A message to a colleague, customer or business associate may be more formal, serious, professional, or analytical.

Tips for Communicating Effectively with Customer Support

The following article was originally written for the Ruby Lane forums. However many of the tips offered can be used when communicating with virtually any company's Customer Support desk. Employing some of these tools are likely to make your next experience with a customer support representative (from an airline to your local cable company) more successful:

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