Born Too Late Vintage: The Elusive "Perfect" Vintage Clothing Photo

Setting up and taking photographs for your vintage clothing listings usually requires a model of some sort. The perfect model must be attractive enough to compliment the clothing but not so drop dead gorgeous that no one looks at the outfits. Sometimes the mannequin you use most of the time just does not fit the bill.

Mainely Glass: Setting up a Shop Page in Facebook

In my last blog, I discussed WHY you should have a page for your shop on Facebook. Now we will discuss HOW. If you you haven't done so already, set up your Facebook account. Now, here are some detailed instructions to help you get the most out of your new page.

Antiki: Quality Sells

Quality Sells

Recently I purchased a vintage lucite handbag from an online vintage accessories and jewelry shop.I bought it for myself,not my shop, which is rare for me. I was so excited about the coming darling purse from the early 1960s, which was described and looked, from the photos shown, to be perfect in condition .

Falsifying Customs Documents at Buyer's Request

Because some countries assess a Value Added Tax or VAT on imported goods, a buyer located in these countries will occasionally request a seller falsify key fields of information on customs documentation so that their tax liability will be lessened. This is comparable to a U.S. citizen casually asking that his or her accountant monkey with individual amounts on Schedule A of their income tax form in order to illegally reduce the total amount they will owe.

Thoughts for the Day: Important Notes from Customer Support


Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share


An assurance of results is a stronger statement than an assurance of
effort: it promises that the customer will have his or her problem
resolved. An assurance of effort doesn't promise results, so it can be
used in almost any situation. Assurances of result should be made only
when you can legitimately guarantee the results you are promising.

Mainely Glass: Reaching Out to Your Customers Via Facebook

I used to think that Facebook was simply a site for teenagers to share party photos with each other. Not so. I recently saw on the news that the fastest growing demographic group on Facebook is women over 55. So, what does this have to do with Ruby Lane, you ask. Well, potentially a lot.

Red Moon Antiques: Twitter - What not to Talk About

Before you start sharing on Twitter, give some thought to, “Who will be interested?” This basic question will guide you towards tweeting about things that will attract followers. The more followers you have, the more people will see your tweets - not only the fun stuff but also the tweets about your antiques.

What Not to Tweet

Skip tweeting constantly about items in your shop.

Daylily Treasures: Tips for Better Website Photos

How many times have we taken what we thought was the best picture of our item to show it off, only to view it later and see it’s either a bit fuzzy or doesn’t ‘pop’ like we thought it would? Below are some simple tips to improve photo taking for online stores.

The Green Advantage: Set Your PC Laptop To Consume Less Energy

April 22, 2009 is Earth Day! Did you know that you can adjust the settings on your PC laptop so that it will consume less energy? Here's how:

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share: Arranging Follow Up

Ruby Lane Customer Care & Share


Not all customer problems can be addressed immediately. Many situations 
call for some form of follow-up or additional communication.

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