Take Our Survey: Interested In Facebook Groups?

As you know, Facebook is a fast-growing social networking phenomenon designed to allow you to connect online with others whom you know, or with whom you share common interests. Ruby Lane launched its Facebook page this past Spring, and it's going strong.

Mainely Glass: A Matter of Time

Sometimes I wonder how shop owners who also work a full-time job find the time to get more shop work done than I do. It's not that they have more time. We all have the same number of hours in a day. They just know how to manage time. In addition to my Ruby Lane shop, I also have a part-time bookkeeping job. But I have the luxury of working from home. The biggest challenge for me is time management.

Red Moon Antiques: Twitter - the Art of the Follow

For sellers on Ruby Lane, Twitter is an opportunity to promote ourselves and our business. It's not just a matter of posting tweets of individual items we're selling – doing only that will scare off potential customers, who will think that you are just hard-selling them, and don't have anything interesting to share. It's really easy to ignore Ruby Laners who are just posting antiques-they-sell tweets, and even easier to unfollow them.

Ogees: Making the Most of Ruby Lane Wish Lists

Whether you're just out for a stroll on Ruby Lane to browse the 1000’s of items for sale in the shops or out on a mission, searching for a specific item, you might find the Wish List on Ruby Lane a handy tool.

The Loft Antiques: Sitting At A Computer All Day? Take Care!

As I was just driving home from Physical Therapy for my back.......I thought about other sellers who might be experiencing some of the same symptoms as I, and might want to consider taking extra care!

Northeast Aquisitions: Housekeeping for your Collectibles

Ruby Lane has a wonderful assortment of treasures for most any collector. You browse the various lanes of jewels, collectibles, art and many other splendid wonders. Making your selection is a very personal one and you are excited with anticipation. The package arrives, you open it up and marvel at its beauty.

Venti Vintage: Ruby Lane and The Online Auction Connection

Where Do I Sell My Golf Pants?

They were vintage plaid IZOD with the original tags, navy blue and kelly green, size 34/34, perfect time of year for a sale. But which outlet - Ruby Lane or an online auction? The answer is simple - both!

For business owners on Ruby Lane, a simple-to-learn process can open new doors for your selling and others’ buying. In the selling business, we all know the importance of networking and reaching out to new customers. Here’s how:

A Return to Splendor: Photography - Size is Everything; Picture Size that is!

So you have a digital camera that boasts how many megapixels it can shoot. 3 megapixels. 5 megapixels. 8 megapixels.

Wow. That’s great, right? The more the merrier, correct?

Well, bigger is not always better. Megapixels can cause a mega melt down for your potential buyers. Knowing how to set your camera to shoot at the correct size is critical for selling on the internet – especially when pictures are the main salesperson for your item.

Cinsababe's: You Might Be a Future Shop Owner IF. . .

It happened again this week. A woman approached me about opening an online shop. She lost her job in the last few months and had heard of my success on Ruby Lane. She asked if I could show her how to “do” it. I must admit that this does seem like an easy answer to unemployment. However, after just a few minutes of questions and answers I realized that this was probably not for her. So how do you know if a Ruby Lane shop is in your future?

Vintage Jewelry Showcase: Customer Service, Seller Impatience, Buyer Ignorance & so on...

Recently an interesting discussion sprung up within our costume jewelry group. The conversation started when a seller was upset with a buyer who had expressed disappointment over a piece of vintage jewelry she'd purchased as a gift for someone else. The buyer's complaint was that the brooch appeared somewhat dingy, not shiny enough to give as a gift. The frustrated seller tried to explain that vintage jewelry is, after all, previously worn, and being costume jewelry, is subject to plate loss, dulling etc.

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