How to Outsmart a Potential Home Invading Jewel Thief

How well is your jewelry hidden at home? Do you have hiding places? The most obvious place for a thief to find your jewelry in your home is your bedroom, namely in your jewelry box located on top of your dresser.

Selling Online - Challenging the New Year - What am I doing right?

What am I doing right? Every year as the calendar turns to January I find myself asking that question about my business. I head to the internet and to the bookstore to see what I can find to help me improve. I read, listen and learn as much as I can cram into my head in the first two months of the New Year and then spend the rest of the months trying to implement what I learned. The success is minimal, I am afraid but I do try.

Managing an Online Shop: An Unexpected Detour

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour. Author Unknown

Living in an RV and driving that 8 ton rig down the road takes some planning. We always know the route we are going to take. We plan where we will stop for meals and where we will be able to purchase diesel. I even look along the highway for Antique Malls and use Google Maps satellite feature to scope out the size of the parking lot to be sure we fit. We call ahead to flea markets and ask if there is big rig parking. Planning ahead is just a way of life.

Selling Online - Fresh Start for the New Year

After you have done your year end chores, including taxes, it is a good time to take a close look at your shop. First check the overall look and feel. Is it exactly what you want or does it need some tweaking, or even a make over. As we gain experience, we find new ideas that appeal to us and it may be time to incorporate some of these.

Using Your Ruby Lane Web Log Stats to Your Advantage

If you are anything like me, the first thing you check in the morning when you get a free moment is your shop, first to see if you've had any sales and second to see how many visitors visited your shop the day before and what they looked at.

Ruby Lane Radio: Interview with Shop Owner Carolyn Martin

Listen to this show now:

Dusty & Rusty's Antiques & Oddities:The Expected January Slump in Internet Sales

The flurry of November and December sales is now a distant memory. Now what? Unfortunately, that’s an all too familiar feeling among antique dealers. Welcome to the January Slump. No bites, no sales, no offers, not even a tire kicker. Just remember that most businesses are cyclical – there’s always a down time.

Jenny's Vintage Jewels: Social Networking; Efforts Pay In Sales!

I opened my Ruby Lane shop in May of 2010 and have dedicated myself these past months to making my shop shine. Eight months ago, I didn't even know what "Social Networking" was! Since then, I've learned how to Blog, joined Facebook, and produced a few fun videos on Youtube. I've joined several Ning sites and shared information there, and made some wonderful online friends in the process. One thing I haven't tried yet is Twitter, but I'm sure I'll be Tweeting very soon!

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