Shipping: The best way to happy customers and repeat business

I’m going to ask you all a question and I want you to think how your answer affects the way you do business with online stores and shops. Here’s the question: When you buy a product online and pay for your purchase in a timely manner and then it takes the company you purchased from a week or two to get your purchase shipped out to you, how do you feel about giving that company more of your business? If you are like me you probably won’t do business with them again.

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What do I take for Anemic Internet Sales?

What do I take for anemic sales? The short answer is a break and wouldn’t it be wonderful if there where such a thing as injectable shop sales B 12. A quick prick to regain that euphoria of all systems go. That tin man oil lube to aid continuing the journey.

Ruby Lane Radio Interview with Shop Owner Janet Ramage

Linda's Shop Talk: Tips for Shop Inventory Management - Mystery Shopper Results

Social Networking - Don't Forget Your Local Merchants!

Lots of us are Blogging, Tweeting on Twitter, and Fanning on Facebook. That’s called social networking on the internet. It’s a very important part of having a Ruby Lane shop, or any internet business for that matter. You’ve got to get your brand out there, and social networking via the net is a fabulous way to do that. Let’s not forget to network with our neighbors as well; the merchants with brick and mortar shops! It does take some time to develop a solid relationship with people, but it’s an investment of time that will pay for itself.

Could I be Addicted to Ruby Lane?

I opened my shop on Ruby Lane in November of 2009 to reduce the amount of clutter around my home. My regular job is seasonal which leaves me lots of free time in the Winter when the business closes for the Winter season. I wanted to fill my days and it seemed a perfect way to clean out my storage areas in the house any maybe make a little income at the same time.

Ruby Lane Radio Interview with Rebekah Kaufman

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The Husband Who Didn't Believe his Wife Could Make a Living Selling Online

Back in June of last year my wife of 40 years told me she was going to open an online business in an online mall site named Ruby Lane. My first thought was that she did not know the first thing about using a computer. But she was not deterred and told me she would learn how to use a computer and that she was going to succeed with this venture. All I could say was sure you are, and she said, "Yes I am, just watch and see." We have a son and grandson who helped her learn how to use a computer, and our daughter-in-law helped my wife set up her shop on Ruby Lane and get it started.

Finding The Perfect Shipping Box

There have been many days recently I could be found wandering around my packing area mumbling "A box, a box, my kingdom for a box." (with apologies to Mr. Shakespeare)

A couple of months ago a pipe burst downstairs, flooding the basement and spraying water all over my packing area.I shut off the water main, called the plumber and ordered new Priority boxes from USPS -in that order.After removing the mountain of wet boxes, and cleaning up, I thought the crisis was over.

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