Pink Listing Day Is Friday, October 5th

We are pleased to announce Pink Listing Day! During this promotion all items newly-listed on the site will only be charged 10 cents instead of the regular 30 cent Listing Fee.

Shop Owners: Refer A Shop & Benefit from the Current Fee Waived Promotion

As many of you may know, currently Ruby Lane is conducting a promotion where new shops who sign up between now and October 31st, 2012 will have the $75 shop set-up fee waived. This is a reminder that current shop owners can benefit from this attractive promotion by referring a shop, and receiving the Ruby Lane Shop Referral Fee.

Why Refer A Shop?

Ruby Lane Continues Site Enhancements for Mobile

You may have already noticed that the Ruby Lane site is now enhanced for users on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets such as the iPad. This means that when the site is accessed via one of these devices it automatically displays the mobile version of the site. We are continuing to improve and enhance these updates - very soon every shopping page of the site will be perfectly tuned for easy browsing and purchasing while on the go.

Time Is Running Out: Open A Ruby Lane Shop - $75 Set-Up Fee Waived Through October 31st!

At Ruby Lane, Vintage is King! Yes, we know other e-commerce sites host vintage items, but often they're offered among many other types of items - or they're listed as vintage or antique but aren't really. Vintage is our core business. In business since 1998, we live and breathe vintage as do our thousands of dedicated vetted sellers. We set the standard for quality in the online vintage marketplace.

Dog Days Can Mean Sales

Dog Days have been with us forever it seems. The ancient Romans and Egyptians acknowledged them, and Aristotle referred to them in his Physics. They were generally dated from around July 24 to August 24, although the 17th century lectionaries and Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England extended the date until September.

Hot, lazy days, with little activity.

Update: Donation Made to the World Wildlife Fund

On July 13th, 2012 Ruby Lane held a “Green Listing Day” where all items listed on that day were only charged 10 cents instead of the regular 30 cent listing fee. All of the proceeds from those listings were donated by Ruby Lane directly to the World Wildlife Fund. The total donated was $391. Ruby Lane conducts several Green Listing Days throughout the year.

Shop Video: How to Create Square Photos

Helen Gilbert has created an excellent video that shows shops how to create perfectly square item photos every time:

Visit: Catisfaction's Glass Gallery

Shop Video - A Ruby Lane 4th of July

Important Ruby Lane Site Updates

We are excited to let you know of some site updates that are designed to further enhance the shopping experience on Ruby Lane, thus increasing sales throughout the site. It is important to note that these updates have been designed with both shop owners and buyers in mind. Read on for an overview of the updates:

New Look to the Search Results Gallery and List View Pages

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