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New Twitter Webcam Tool: Great for Showcasing Items!

We wanted to point out to all shops that Twitter now has an easy-to-use webcam tool. Now you can showcase your shop items in real life on Twitter! Record your items from front to back while you describe them in detail. You can also turn it into an About Us video. You can talk all about your shop, or your jewelry craft where you showcase your techniques, then Twitter them! We invite all shops to check it out:

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Green Listing Day Update: Donation To WWF

Antique, vintage and artisan items are green. We champion these items as a means to reduce production emissions which adversely affect the health of our planet.

Green Listing Day Update: Donation To WWF

Times Treasures: Tips for Operating A Greener Shop

Sometimes I become disheartened when it seems as though my efforts to make a difference amount to only a drip of a drop of the proverbial drop in a bucket. After all, I’m only one person. But as a Ruby Lane shop owner, I’m delighted with the emphasis that management is placing on "Going Green!" -- challenging and inspiring us to reduce waste and help improve the environment.

Free Listing Day On Ruby Lane Is July 23rd!

Whew – it’s hot out there! To help alleviate the summer heat, we are pleased to announce a Free Listing Day for all Ruby Lane Shops. The promotion begins Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time and ends 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. This means that for items that you add to your shop during this period, you will not be charged the normal 30 cent listing fee (15 cents for Charter Shops). You must have a positive balance of at least $1.00 in your account to take advantage of this promotion.

Green Listing Day Is July 15th!

We are pleased to announce another Green Listing Day! During this promotion all items newly-listed on the site will only be charged 10 cents instead of the regular 30 cent Listing Fee. Ruby Lane will contribute 100% of the fees received on Green Listing Day to the World Wildlife Fund which was voted on by you, the shop owner to receive the donation.

Red Moon Antiques: Twitter: Ready to Tweet? What Should I Talk About?

When first starting on Twitter, many folks wonder what they should talk about. One of the nice things about Twitter is that there are no rules, so the sky's the limit. However, it helps to stay somewhat focused on whatever it is that you want to accomplish with Twitter. However, mixing it up with other topics can only attract more people to read your posts.

News From Ruby Lane - July 2009

We are pleased to announce some exciting updates to the Ruby Lane site, as well as a few additional announcements you won’t want to miss. As always, these updates are designed to further improve both the buying and selling experience for users. Read on for the latest improvements to Ruby Lane.

Mega Menu Updates

Grapenut: The Day the Music Died - Redux

I remember the day Elvis Presley died. Early August, so my sister and I were home for the summer. After I heard it on the radio, back before MTV and PCs and Ipods, I called her at work and told her what we’d heard. She shared with us when she came home that evening, that there were grown women who had to leave work, they were so distraught over the news. I was merely a teenager, so it was hard for me to understand the depth of feelings that would cause such heartbreak over the death of one who is really a stranger.

Over thirty years later, now I understand.

New! Laminated Four-Color Totes Added to the Logo Shop!

We are pleased to announce that we've just added brand new four-color totes to the Ruby Lane Logo Shop! These new eye-catching full color tote bags are great for giving out to your customers at shows, as giveaways in customer shipments and are a great way to help reduce the environmental impact of disposable plastic and paper shopping bags. Each tote measures 16 inches tall, 14 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep and is made of recycled materials.

Ruby Lane Green Listing Day Donation to WWF

Antique, vintage and artisan items are green. We champion these items as a means to reduce production emissions which adversely affect the health of our planet.

Green Listing Day Update: Donation To WWF

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