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Green Listing Day Update - Donation Made to the World Wildlife Fund

On April 22nd, 2011 Ruby Lane held a “Green Listing Day” where all items listed on that day were only charged 10 cents instead of the regular 30 cent listing fee. On April 28th, 2011 all of the proceeds from those listings were donated by Ruby Lane directly to the World Wildlife Fund. The total donated was $308. Ruby Lane conducts several Green Listing Days throughout the year.

Padded Flat Rate Envelopes—a Great New USPS Resource

I just had to blog and let all of my fellow shop owners know about a great new resource from the United States Post Office--padded flat rate envelopes. Unlike the thin cardboard envelopes with easily split seams and no protection, these new envelopes have reinforced sealed seams and are lined with bubble wrap. They open at the end instead of the top which makes so much more sense for the items we send.

Green Listing Day Is Earth Day -- Friday, April 22nd, 2011!

Every day is Earth Day at Ruby Lane! In honor of Earth Day, this Friday, April 22, will be a Green Listing Day. We're also offering up a few tips on how to be more green at home and in your community.

You LIke Me - You Really Like Me!

Social media marketing, just like our ability to accurately remember things, can sometimes be a bit unreliable. If you’re like me, you may have thought the opening “you like me” phrase was what Sally Field said to the viewers and fans back in 1985. It wasn’t. Instead, she exclaimed, “You like me, right now, you like me!" which, you will note, subtly hints at the fickle nature of fans – a near-universal truth, regardless of the platform from which it is proclaimed.

Ruby Lane Radio Interview with Shop Owner Ken Klenner

Donation Made to American Red Cross for Japan Relief

As you know, Friday, March 18th, 2011 was a Ten Cent Listing Day for Earthquake/Tsunami relief in Japan. All items listed on that day were only charged 10 cents (5 cents for Charter Shops), with all proceeds from this promotion going to the American Red Cross specifically for relief from this disaster. We would like to let all shops know that today we donated $383 to the Red Cross. We thank all shops who participated in this sad, but necessary promotion.

March 18th Is Ten Cent Listing Day for Earthquake/Tsunami Relief

It has been difficult for our Ruby Lane staff to watch the images of the massive Earthquake and Tsunami that has devastated Japan and its people. We fear for the safety of not only our shop owners and customers, but for all those in Japan.

For one of our staff members, this has been an especially trying few days. Ruby Lane's President and CEO, Tom Johnson, lived in Toyko for many years and has close ties to its people and culture.

Ruby Lane Radio Interview with Shop Owner Diane Widner

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